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Straight male escort gigolo in Las Vegas through New York

Straight male escort gigolo in Las Vegas through New York.

Flying through New York and Los Angeles, I, a straight male escort called Vince, was in Las Vegas some time ago..  Never before did I have the chance to visit the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’, but it had always been in the top 10 of my wish list. Thanks to the invitation from a lady overseas, my list got a little bit shorter. This lady asked me to fly over for a visit and I was eager to meet her.  I was also anxious to find out what mythic Vegas had to offer: gambling, shopping, fine dining and what else? Although relatively unfamiliar with casinos, I was ready for any possible surprise. Inserting that one-dollar coin in the right slot machine at the right time could have changed a few things around. It did not but the golden Vegas rule prevails, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”…

What a convenient local wisdom for a gigolo ;-)


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Brussels Gigolo in Belgium escort

Brussels Gigolo.. good to know

When you contact me in Brussels.It makes a world of difference when I don’t have to read a one-liner when you contact me. Questions such as ‘What are your rates? or “One date, how does that work exactly?”  My website provides extensive information about the various possibilities and should give you a clear picture of what to expect from a date.  I will (Brussels Gigolo ), of course, gladly answer specific questions that you may have based on your personal preferences but you should also tell me briefly and discreetly a little bit about yourself, especially where you are and where you may want us to meet. This facilitates my answering your specific questions and further allows me to provide you with a non-binding proposal.

If you’d rather call me but I am not readily available to answer,  then you should leave a message on asking me to call you back, specifying the most convenient time for you to receive my call.Brussels Gigolo

Vince, am I not too old? I just turned 52 and I’m not a businesswoman. Would you meet me?

Messages like this sometimes end up in my mailbox. Why? At the age of 52, you know more than ever what you really want as a woman.  You are in the prime of your life! So, lady, enjoy it and do not hesitate,;-)

Mutual care and respect, mentally and physically, is what makes the difference as far as I am concerned.

News from Vince,Brussels Gigolo

Why do I have a blog linked to my website and why does it show the countries to which I sometimes travel?

I enjoy life and I like simple things the most.Brussels Gigolo

Even cooking, eating a sandwich with cheese on the beach, drinking an expresso on a pleasant terrace in the heart of Ghent, … these are all things I incredibly enjoy doing. At home or on the move. But also because traveling has always been one of my passions, I gladly share new groundbreaking experiences in my blog.

Unlike what you might think, a nice trip for both of us may be within reach for everyone. Early reservations is the message when looking for affordable tickets.

Cologne and Paris are easily reached by Thalys. Thanks to the Eurostar, London is close by or can even be reached in less than an hour by airplane. A flight to Geneva or Zurich can bring us together rather rapidly and at reasonable cost so that we can attain considerable heights.

We can meet at my place (incidentally very close to a train station and the airport) or on the other side of our globe. As you can see, lady, distance is all relative. I can come as close as you want me to be. Just let me know where you want us to meet me and we can both look at the most affordable and comfortable arrangement.

Websites often show ‘guestbooks’ or ‘reviews” with all kinds of reactions and you may wonder at times if these are based on true stories.  I hesitated for a long time before including a “guestbook” in my blog.  But after a date with a lady I am sometimes spontaneously asked the question if she can post a comment someplace because she wants to share her experience with other women or because writing about it works as a therapy for her. Or when a lady demonstrates that she has an inspring writing style in her e-mail messages, I do ask her if she would like to write some type of testimony for my site.

The teasers and stories are real, only the authors’ identities are not disclosed.

The following are a few spontaneous reactions received from ladies for posting on the website. Anyone who would like to share a personal story about a date that we may have had in the past may certainly send me her story. So let’s go. Feel free;-)


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Emergency Plan V

Emergency Plan V

Years of emotional neglect by my husband – the man I love with all my heart and who has been by my side for many wonderful days, but who is now pushing me away – are driving me insane. I can’t take any more of this terrible, unrequited and unfulfilled longing!
But then, during one of my many sleepless nights, feeling exhausted from the emotional rollercoaster ride that is my marriage, I discover your website. You look at me from the screen, your eyes welcoming and warm, yet a little mysterious. So endearing, after all the lies, secretive looks and phony words I’ve had to deal with. I’m afraid to believe in anything these days… but hunger and desire prevail in the end. Would I dare? Why not? It’s time to bring this drained, rejected woman aged barely forty back to life. It’s time to put myself first again after all these years, and to be made to feel like the center of attention once more.
I amaze myself by sending you an honest e-mail, and your response is surprisingly understanding. On the spur of the moment I decide to send you a photo, and you appreciate it so much I’m touched. After bouncing back and forth ideas and possible dates, we decide on a day. For days, I find myself excitedly counting down to our date, only to be overcome by doubts the morning of the big day. I can’t do this, it’s too scandalous, and this isn’t me. With a total stranger…
I get my act together as the morning wears on, and suddenly all my patience is gone! The hours ahead seem so much longer than the previous nights.Thoughts and doubts flash through my head, and my adrenalin reaches record heights as I’m getting ready.

It’s a cold day. A strong wind cuts through my stay-ups, but I hardly feel it. I’m careful, because the road is icy. But the drive is uneventful, and I have arrived before I know it. I’m a little insecure as I get out of the car and walk to the meeting point. You’re already there, and you open the door discreetly. Here you are, looking at me the same way you did from my computer screen in the middle of the night. You welcome me gently, and try to take my insecurity away with a flirty kiss. We still have to break the ice, but I can already see you’re a wonderful and sensitive conversational partner, willing to listen.
For a second I doubt whether I should really be here; if it wouldn’t have been better to have just set up a “meet and greet” first. But then you take me in your arms, and and I get carried away. This passionate embrace surprises me but the temperature rises noticeably, like a hot desert wind relentlessly pounding the ice. There is no stopping this!
With confident hands, effortlessly discovering and awakening all my secret spots, you lead me to the point of no return. You pull me in closer and I can feel your desire. We become one, gently but passionately. I let out a deep sigh … oh, how I’ve missed this!
“Let’s leave the world behind”, you whisper. And that is exactly what we do, wholeheartedly and full of burning passion. A steamy night followed…

I often think of you. The man who gave me the ride of my life without the ego, the dirty socks, or the pain.

Thank you, Vince, for your devotion and your tactfulness. You are magical.

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She lost her virginity by Gigolo Vince

(She would lose her virginity by Vince)
She had just turned thirty. And still a virgin. How awful, she thought.

Especially because there was no good reason. It was not a deliberate choice, not an aversion to men or indifference towards sex. Nothing of the sort. Just pure coincidence. The four short relationships she had, all stopped before ‘it’ happened.  At some point it even became embarrassing to come forward with something like virginity. While most magazines say the opposite, it was her personal perception.  It grew to a point where she even avoided a new relationship to avoid the thorny issue of “the first time”. Moreover, she was not looking for a permanent and serious relationship. And she was too inexperienced in bed for a disinterested flirt.

One day she decided to do something about it. The situation could not go on much longer because it made her unhappy. She had already considered various options. The possibility of asking a friend for a “favor” kept lingering in her head but there were too many objections to actually go for this option.  She would feel uncomfortable with him because she could not think “sexual” about him. And, moreover, it could alter their friendship, and that’s the last thing she wanted. No, this plan could not go through. She had to come up with another solution to lose her virginity. Preferably with someone who both knew what he was doing and who would just vanish out of her life thereafter.  So a one-night stand was not an option either, because she felt too vulnerable. Moreover, it’s unsafe.

Weeks of googling kept her stumbling across the same man over and over again. Over time it became clear that she needed a gigolo to solve her “problem”. Such a man would know what to do and there would be no need to ever see him again.  And so she did. Although a little uneasy, she e-mailed Vince. He appeared so worldly and experienced that he would probably be surprised by her question. But a man like him was certainly used to much more. Maybe he would not even be interested.  But she was wrong. He responded in a very attentive manner with a reassuring e-mail. He fully understood her question and wanted to talk to her about how she pictured the ideal context for her first time.

His response was heartwarming. She knew that she was going to be fine with him. She was nonetheless secretly afraid for what she thought would have to happen. She mailed him back and asked if he would be willing to come to her place. She would organize dinner with a glass of wine, because that usually unwinds her. What would follow would be entirely up to him. He would have to lead her throughout. After some hesitation she eventually attached a holiday photo from herself to her e-mail.  This gave her the feeling that she was getting closer to him and she did not want him to see her for the first time when they would meet.  Agreeing on a date by mail appeared to be less obvious. He was not always available and her social agenda was fully booked as she always filled her evenings ahead of time with visits to the gym and dinners with friends. She decided to call him to set a date as soon as possible. Now that the plan had been solidly anchored in her head, she wanted to execute it as soon as possible.
On the phone he had said, “Think about it carefully, this is something you experience only once in a lifetime.”
“That’s exactly why…” she replied hesitantly.

On the particular evening she was calmer than she had expected. At least at the outset. Eating and talking was no problem whatsoever. She had met plenty of men in recent years with which she had had pleasant evenings. Without sex though. This is also why she did not know how the transition from the table to the bed would have to happen without it all becoming artificial. For this, she trusted Vince.  However, when the doorbell rang that evening, there was nothing left of her initial serenity. By the time she opened the door for the unknown man whom she had invited, she was a nervous wreck. While he only knew her from the telephone conversation and the two mails they had exchanged, he immediately broke the ice with his captivating appearance. He cordially kissed her on the cheek when he came in. He looked good. Sparkling of energy, attractive and oh, he smelled so good. She would have to ask him about his perfume later on. This was a scent that she would never forget…

The entire evening went by like in a movie. They had good conversations during dinner. He was a fascinating man who could make her laugh and dream. Her stress faded away, naturally. After dinner they sat on the couch with another half glass of wine. He kissed and hugged her. 
“Shall I give you a nice massage?” he suggested.
He was so tender and tactful that there was never an unpleasant moment. He took the lead and did it so carefully and subtly that she felt precious and special. Slowly he undressed her, which aroused her greatly. When she was completely naked, she got scared.  Not for the massage, but for what was to come afterwards. But the gentle and patient way by which he was handling her, reassured her. He caressed her everywhere, making her excitement get the upper hand again. When she got to the point where she no longer wanted to stop, he looked deep into her eyes.
“Do you really want to do this?” he asked.
“Yes” she said, bolder than she actually felt.It did hurt when he penetrated her. But he did it so gently and tenderly that she did not have to ask him to stop. As he briefly paused, he kissed her tenderly, which made her relax and lessened the pain. He continued slowly until he was deep inside her. He started moving faster and she clenched a little.
“Are you okay?”, he asked when he heard her gasp.
“Yes,” she whispered.
“Let’s continue then” he said. “Now we’re going through ,”all the way to the end.”

Afterwards, she was greatful about that sentence. As it made her aware of how it really was and she would remember that sex was nothing to be afraid of. Because she had actually enjoyed it, the feeling of a man who pushed deep into her, and the awareness that she was no longer a virgin.
When, a little after midnight,  she accompanied him to his car, she proudly held her nose in the air. She was a real woman!

Two weeks later she called Vince. Could they meet again? She wanted more. Learn more about sex.
“Do you also have ‘sex for advanced'”?, she asked him while laughing out loud over the phone.
Vince was thrilled. He was delighted that she had enjoyed it so much.

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With a gigolo between Eindhoven and The Hague

She lived between Eindhoven and Den Haag and the idea of a Gigolo went through her mind.
How on earth was she going to start this?
She had already achieved a great deal in her life.

She got herself a degree, found herself a husband, gave birth to two children, solved the most complex professional problems…
But for what she wanted now, there was no off-the-rack scenario.
She was almost forty, and she really wanted this.

She was pretty nervous when she sent him her first e-mail. She would definitely forget about the whole idea  if she did not like his reply.
She had written gigolo Vince about her life and about how she had been feeling lately. She wanted to feel special again, get the feeling that she was attractive and that there was a man who wanted to discover her again in a sensual  way. Though she had a great life and loved her husband very much, she knew that the “first-time feeling” would never return.

She felt a surge of adrenaline when she received Vince’s reply. What he wrote sounded sweet, thoughtful and a little naughty. It pleased her. The combination of her feelings at that particular moment with the photographs from his website made her feel warm inside.  She definitely wanted to spend the evening of a lifetime with this man.
His words expressed a sense of adventure. He was also pragmatic enough to lead her through her thoughts. She looked at his website again and read through all the possibilities. She had a few ideas of her own but hadn’t been able to organize these yet. “It wasn’t a problem per se”, as he had written,  she was free to call him to request more information.
She e-mailed him back, thanked him for his reply and spontaneously attached a picture of herself.  After all she could see his picture from his website and thought that it would please him to know how she looked like.

The next day she gathered up her courage and called him. Eventually there was no reason to be nervous because it was easy talking to him. He thanked her for the photograph and appreciated her initiative. Although the looks of a person are not of the most importance for him, it was nice to have an idea.
The telephone conversation helped her tremendously to decide  what she finally wanted. He was subtle and yet practical, professional and discreet.
She preferred a meeting in an hotel but still had a lot of uncertainties. He was considerate for every fear and hesitation and had solutions for each. He made a few tasteful suggestions for hotels with consideration for the budget that she had in mind.
By the time she went to bed, her fantasy had turned into an actual plan.

She was still nervous on that particular evening between Eindhoven and De Haag. There had been no further contact since they had set the date, but they both knew where and when they would meet. She tried to recall the spontaneity of their telephone conversation and knew that she would be able to feel snug with him. How snug, only time would tell. But even if things would not work out, if she was going to change her mind for whatever possible reason, the evening did not have to turn into an embarrassing situation.  He had booked one room for her and one for himself in the modern boutique hotel that she had chosen. She preferred it that way.
That way, they could pretend that they were both staying in the hotel during a trip between Eindhoven and Den Haag, and meet each other by chance. They agreed to meet at the bar at eight o’clock the evening so they could get to know each other while drinking a glass of martini. It made her think back at the time when she was 25 years old and partying again.

There she was, in the company of a blood-spinning handsome man with whom, if she wanted, she could spend the whole night. Or keep things to a drink and remain good friends without any hard feelings. The choice was entirely up to her. But his interesting chats and his subtle suggestive glances, got her more excited than she had ever been before.
She would be crazy to say farewell in the bar and spend the night in her own room, alone.  She still didn’t know how she would handle this. Go with him to his room? Or go to her own room and knock at the door of number 506  in the middle of the night? …
She knew one thing for certain. Things wouldn’t  stop after the martini…

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My meeting in Ghent with Gigolo Vince

gigolo gent Oost Vlaanderen

That day in Ghent, East Flanders, I am thinking that it is the first time that I am undertaking something for myself, no matter how trivial. I enjoy the workshop because it is interesting. But my wandering thoughts tell me that this is not enough. Oxygen runs through my head again. I feel my blood flow faster and my body awakening. The contrast between my crazy feeling and the gloom of my daily life could not be greater. Because the reality of the chilled steady relationship in which I am stranded is undeniable. The love for the ‘kids’ is the only thing that precludes the relationship with my husband to come to an absolute end.

But fortunately, I am well aware of it. I do realize in what kind of situation I ended up. Even better, I can see what inspires and excites me, and what makes me dream. And I know what I want to do. It’s groundbreaking, something beyond every possible taboo. What I really want is feel that I am bold enough to contact Gigolo Vince while I am in Ghent. As soon as I realize this, the mere thought of it utterly fascinates me. It is not just a dream and a fantasy, but it is also a vital step forward for me. If I dare doing this, why should I not be able to reconsider my entire life and knead it the way I want it to be?

Physical affection with a stranger, a handsome man. What woman would not go wild just at the thought of it? But yet this is not the only thing. I want to enjoy the company of a true gentleman who lets me rediscover myself. Therefore, I will become what I do, the result of a deliberate decision to consciously claim some quality time and boost up my diminished self-esteem.

This afternoon I have another date with the man who made ​​me go beyond my boundaries, Gigolo Vince. We have agreed to meet in a hotel in the center of Ghent.

I can hardly wait until the course is finished this week.  When it finally comes to an end, I leave the class bursting with confidence and it is with an exciting tickle in my belly that I precede to my next “appointment”.

When I knock at the door of the hotel room my heart beats faster.

The greeting could not have been more affectionate. People who do not know this can assert what they want, but Gigolo Vince is genuinely happy to see me.

I rapidly take care of the financial aspect to get it out of the way.  We have other, fierier things to concentrate on.

He gives me a firm hug. The kind that makes me feel loved and appreciated. The hug turns into a kiss and our mutual craving for more can no longer be hidden.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we are not in any rush. That we can leisurely order a delicious dinner from room service and that we can extensively and naturally catch up about everything that took place in our lives since our last date.

After our meal, I feel ‘mindfully connected’ with him when he thoughtfully suggests drawing the curtains and lighting some candles. Soon thereafter we end up on the large bed and we enjoy each other’s body. We caress, massage, rub, kiss, and touch to finally end up wonderfully intertwined and bonded…

This is life, I reflect, when I can fully enjoy things and can let go of all my worries.

I have energy again. And it is full of courage that I keep going, because life can indeed be ‘pure fun’.

And above all: my life is mine!

Thank you, Vince;-) Amber from Ostend

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Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands… my blind date with Vince

gigolo escort Breda

Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands… my blind date 

“I did something I never thought I would do. My ‘gigolo Breda’ (The Netherlands) and me. On a cold wintry Friday”.

This story is written by T., a Dutch lady I dated. She spontaneously decided to write about the way she experienced our first date.

It’s Friday. That’s the first thing that crosses my mind when I wake up in the morning. I crawl a bit deeper under the warm blankets, enjoying the thought that it’s my day off. I feel something important is going to happen today… something exciting. A slight tension runs through my body. Today is the day I’m going to meet Vince for the first time. Vince…..the name of the man who has been haunting my thoughts and dreams over the past month.Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands

Straight male escort Breda

Is it a coincidence or maybe destiny that Vince came into my life? On a given day I came across his website and I was mesmerized by the way his eyes stared at me from the screen. From that moment on I repeatedly stopped by his site, curiously reading about everything he had to tell me. His words and mysterious appearance were challenging me to contact him. Eventually, I gave in to the temptation and decided to write him an e-mail in which I told him about me, my life and my fantasies. I wasn’t sure yet if I would actually have the courage to plan a date with him and I honestly told him about my doubts and fears. Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands
With anticipation I looked forward to his reply.

After waiting for over a day, his name appeared in my inbox. I felt my heartbeat accelerate while I opened his e-mail. His answer turned out to be very sweet and endearing which triggered my fantasies even more… Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands

Gigolo Netherlands

After his reply we decided to contact each other on the phone. We had a long talk and I could definitely tell we had a strong connection. I enjoyed his Flemish charm and couldn’t wait to meet him; all my doubts had disappeared.
I was ready to plan a date and we picked a Friday in February. It was really going to happen. Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands

While I’m getting ready for the day I’m thinking of my contact with Vince and the effect he has on me. It’s special to have such intense feelings for a man I have never met before.
With my packed suitcase I’m walking to my car. It’s a beautiful day; although the temperature is well below zero, the sun is shining in the middle of a clear blue sky. For a moment I stop and close my eyes while I face the sun, letting the warmth caress my body.
I realize that my journey to an exciting adventure is about to begin.
Relaxed and without any rush I’m travelling to the south. I enjoy the ride while I listen to the radio. Knowing my date with Vince is getting closer, I suddenly start to feel insecure. What if we don’t like each other as much as expected? Firmly I set aside my doubts and turn up the volume of the radio to distract myself from my thoughts.

Faster than expected I arrive at the hotel where Vince and I have agreed to meet. In the hotel room I feel restless so I already start to unpack my clothes for the evening. Trying to feel more relaxed I take a long hot shower and dream away on the things to come. I take my time to get dressed and for my date with Vince I choose a black dress with a subtle color print.  Underneath it I wear black stockings and boots. Softly I touch my legs and feel the smooth fabric, wondering what Vince will think of me in this outfit.

A text message on my phone lets me know that Vince has arrived and is waiting for me in the lobby. With a last look in the mirror I nervously walk to the elevator. It feels like half an hour before I reach the ground floor. Just a few more seconds and then….
Our eyes meet for the first time and I recognize him immediately. He greets me with three kisses. I can tell we are both nervous. While I walk in front of him towards the hotel bar, I feel his eyes burning on my back.

We pick a quiet table and order two glasses of white wine. Here we are…. We smile a bit insecure at each other, but soon the conversation gets going. We ask and tell a lot about ourselves and our lives and in the meantime the game of flirtation is being played. To tease him, I make sure he has a clear view on my legs. When I change position on my seat, I notice that he didn’t miss the sight of my stockings and boots. The sexual tension between us is growing; we both feel it. After a second drink Vince proposes to go to the hotel room in order to have some privacy. I have a good feeling about it and I decide to go with him.

As soon as the door closes behind us, Vince takes me in his arms for a wonderful embrace. I smell his delicate perfume and with my hands I start to discover his body. Our embrace turns into a thrilling and passionate kiss. My arousal is increasing rapidly when Vince takes off my dress, throws it on the floor and pulls me with him on the bed. His hands and mouth create a burning sensation on my breasts, stomach and further down at the hottest and most intimate part of my body. I lose myself in a storm of ecstasy. When I’m on top of Vince, he asks me to keep my stockings and boots in place; it turns him on. Our lovemaking becomes wild and eager, longing for liberation. Within moments I reach an orgasm. Completely satisfied and exhausted I’m lying in Vince’s arms, cherishing his warm skin against mine.
As soon as I’m back on earth again, he suggests to give me a massage. Next to the bed a massage candle is burning. The wax is being transformed into massage oil. Vince slides the oil on my back which startles me and creates a sigh of delight on my lips. Silently I enjoy his hands working their magic; first on my back and after that on my breasts and stomach. We both get turned on again and within seconds we are back at passionate lovemaking. Vince reaches an intense orgasm. In his arms I’m looking back at an unforgettable evening.

My night with Vince was the first of many more to come.



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Straight gigolo Amsterdam Netherlands escort

amsterdam Gigolo Netherlands Boot

Straight gigolo Amsterdam 

“Already leaving?”, your colleague asks ( you think of gigolo Amsterdam) when you walk out of the office at half past four that day. “Have fun with your date this evening. By the way, who is the lucky one?” But of course you wouldn’t dare to tell them that you are the lucky one yourself because for once in your life you had the courage to type the words ‘Straight gigolo Amsterdam’ in your browser… “Are you going out to dinner in Amsterdam?”, she asks. ‘Yes, or to a wellness-centre’, you think, ‘a luxurious hotel or to my gigolo’s stylish loft, where he will cook for me before giving me a sensual massage that will end in a steamy-window-scene for adults only…’ “Do you have a picture of him?” Straight gigolo Amsterdam “I’m sorry, I don’t…” you reply, whilst thinking: ‘The photographs of my gigolo  are on his website, but you will have to find that yourself ;-)’ You take your handbag and leave your colleagues with a big smile and walk to your gigolo Amsterdam. Straight gigolo Amsterdam

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Geneva gigolo straight male escort Switzerland

Geneva by night

Geneva gigolo straight male escort Switzerland

Geneva is a Swiss district in the western part of Switzerland. Geneva is an economic centre for trade and banks. The most famous brands of clocks and watches are established in Switzerland and more specific in Geneva and Zurich.Geneva gigolo straight male escort Switzerland.

Geneva is the second most populous city in Switzerland (after Zürich) and is the most populous city of Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Straight male escort Switzerland

The fountain of Geneva, one of the biggest in the world, together with the beautiful watch surrounded by an oasis of flowers are typical for the city.

Visible from the air as you fly into Geneva airport, this enormous water fountain in Lake Geneva spouts its froth 140m into the air. The best spots for a photo are the Pont du Mont-Blanc and the Promenade du Lac alongside the lake’s left bank. You can get closer still by riding a boat on the lake
The lake of Geneva (Lac Léman) is to be situated on the border of Switzerland and France. The main languages of Switzerland is French, together with German that is spoken for example in Zurich.
Geneva is a very clean city with a large number of touristic attractions. In short, worth paying a visit.Geneva gigolo straight male escort Switzerland.

Gigolo  Geneva

We can meet  in Geneva when you want, it is only 1 hour by flight from Brussels. 

International Gigolo

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French Night in Paris with a Gigolo

Paris by Night

As a gigolo, getting to the French capital Paris within a couple of hours is very important and the lady who wants to meet with a gigolo does not want to hear about long journeys and does not have eternal patience. Can you blame her? Didn’t think so.

Fortunately, thanks to the Thalys, the high speed, comfortable and yet reasonably priced train (if booked in advance), the journey to Paris takes an exact total of 2 hours from the time I close my front door in Belgium until I (as gigolo) stand in the heart of the French “City of Light”.

This sounds rather impossible, doesn’t it?  Especially if you know that in this short time span I have to get from my home to the train station; that the train ride between Brussels and Paris takes 1 hour and 25 minutes and that the lines for a taxi at the train station in Paris are longer than your patience will allow before our meeting materializes. And one cannot forget the habitual struggle in the dense Parisian traffic.

Fortunately, I found an ideal solution for the last leg of the trip, “Didier Transport” (motorcycle transportation of passengers). Didier is a great guy who offered to take me from the train station to my final destination in the city through compact traffic in no time.  I hesitated at first but once I was seated on the motorcycle, with my baggage securely fastened on the luggage rack, I found this a great means of transportation.  Whether a coincidence or not, Didier also shares my concern for hygiene and has you wash hands with a sanitizing lotion before donning the leather gloves, and makes you wear a sterile cap (like they have in hospitals) before wearing the helmet. From that day on, I always keep his business card in my wallet ;)

Do you feel like spending some premium time with a thoughtful man who will take care of you? Are you in Paris for business, a short visit, or do you live in Paris?  Remember, I am only two hours away from you. ;)


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