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Brussels by Night

Location Brussels

It’s the second time we meet in Belgium. “I have to be in Brussels, Mr. Gigolo, and it would be great if I could see you “, she said.
And it’s at a temperature of minus 6 degrees Celsius that we meet in Brussels, capital of Belgium.
She had given me some instructions beforehand that I accommodated as well as I could to prepare myself. A blindfold, fresh fruit, massages oil and, of course, the essential protection. She has had this fantasy of eating fresh fruit blindfolded for a while but never dared to ask. I think it’s a great idea.”Can you also bring Beppy sponges?” she asked, “just in case …”. She didn’t think that she would have her period but she wasn’t sure. Unfortunately I had no Beppys at home what later turned out to be a minor problem since she sent me a text message “Pick me up at 19:30 and we will go to a X shop together!” I leave well in time after verifying that I had everything. I’m also glad to see that the roads are not slippery tonight.

When I arrive at the hotel, it is with elegance and cheerfulness that she joins me in the car.
“Hi Vince, SHOW ME BRUSSELS BY NIGHT” she said. “And I am hungry”.  We usually speak French when we’re together but we often like to use English expressions. The GPS is programmed to take us to the street where the store is located. So, no reason for stress. With one eye on the lady and the other one on the road, we arrive at the right address. Three sex shops are open.
“Hey, the Pablo!” she says cheerfully. “I read that they sell Beppys. I may not need anything but I want to be sure.”
Parking in this street does not seem to be an easy task. But since this is important to her, we go to Pablo. A quick glance around the shop tells me that they have Beppy products behind the counter. “Phew! You’re right, they sell them here…”
We look around the shop for a nice outfit for her but we don’t see anything appealing. Meanwhile, I go to the cashier with whom I start a conversation in French. I immediately notice her accent from Limburg and say “Great, you speak Dutch. What is the price for Beppys? “. I check the expiration date. May 2015. “Perfect, we’ll take these”. In the meantime, my companion is admiring a nylon body outfit. She holds the outfit up and turns it elegantly around to see what the back looks like.
I ask the cashier to wait a moment and I join my companion. “Humm, Vince, I find this one especially sexy. But will it suit me? “.
I can see how she is mentally comparing herself with the touched-up photograph of the model on the package and I immediately reassure her: “Let’s take it.”
We spend a playful and wonderful evening together. She is 40 years old, a mother of three children. Yet, she has maintained all of her womanhood. Tonight, she made herself especially beautiful, without any exaggeration. She highlighted the outline of her lips and the makeup of her eyes is applied with subtle beauty. Under her warm coat, she wears a tight red dress that reveals a suggestive cleavage. An eye-catching class!
“Perfect, we’ll take this too” I said to the nice cashier of the sex shop, handing her a bottle of Chinese relaxing oil. I had purchased this oil before and found that it had a very pleasant fragrance.

“Vince, I’m hungry!” she says.”I wanted to show you the Grand’ Place in Brussels and we can eat something in the neighborhood.
“Vince, I’m really starving!” “Very good! Across the street is a nice steakhouse. Let’s cross the road!”

The Sirloin steak is tender and without fat. “Do you know a place where we can make love?” she suddenly asks. “Before going to the hotel room, I mean?”
I am a little surprised but she continues persuasively: “In Paris, it is possible!” “Ok, I know a place but it’s still early and it is possible that we’ll be alone there.
It’s a place where we need to undress to our underwear once we’re inside. We can then indulge each other. She becomes so hot that the lemon sorbet, that she has not touched yet, melts in front of her.

We leave the restaurant and return to the car. Two minutes later we arrive in the parking lot of the club I mentioned. Since the club opened its doors only an hour earlier, there are probably very few people and I offer to take her for a walk to the Grand’ Place. “This looks like a great place” she says cheerfully while making an elegant pirouette. She smiles but I realize that she is cold. I suggest going into a bistro on the Grand’ Place to admire the market square from there.
“Great idea!” she says.

I spotted an empty table near a window in one of the cafes. I took her to the table and she sat down. I offered to change seats so that she would have a better view on the Grand’ Place.
“Thank you Vince, you are a real gentleman ” ☺

I ordered a mint tea for myself and she asks: “Campari is red huh?” “Yes Lady, it is…”
Then she bombards me with questions. “Can I go in this club wearing my habitual lingerie?”
I replied curtly “no” and then, smiling, “your new outfit without underwear. No one knows us here “
She chuckles and I can see in her eyes that just thinking about it already turns her on.
She seems a little uncertain about her body, but I reassure her and tell her that she has no reason to worry.
“Relax, you’re beautiful!”

We don’t have to wait very long for confirmation. When she gets up and gently adjusts her short dress, a man sitting at a table nearby shamelessly stares at her body.
“See, you are so uncertain but yet everyone thinks that you’re great.”
She gratifies me with an enchanted smile. I take her by the arm and we walk towards the club.

We go through the first door and press the doorbell. At the intercom a voice says, “Welcome, this is our anniversary and the club is crowded.”
We look at each other with surprise and we start laughing. We then take the staircase that leads us to the room where we can undress. Two couples spontaneously greet us. I immediately feel like being on vacation in a foreign country. I find it hard to hide my smile and try to focus on closing the locker, which is so small it can barely hold all of our stuff. But I want our personal belongings to be safe at any cost and I finally manage to close the locker and turn the key.
Meanwhile, my companion’s breathing accelerates as if we were engaged in intense intercourse. She is extremely excited because she had to undress in an unknown place to change into an outfit she had chosen herself in front of strangers.

Wearing only boxer shorts I go down the stairs while holding her hand to prevent her from falling over her elegant shoes. With her sensual outfit, she is far from ordinary. I am proud of her. I gently whisper in her ear that she is the most beautiful woman in the club. Her legs feel warm against my eager body,
The club is indeed crowded. We notice two elegant couples. I order a drink. She wants a Campari. I allow myself a white vermouth on the rocks. My first and my last for the evening because I still have to drive.
A little later my companion says: “Vince, I want to make love.”

We move to an empty space located at a higher level. Below us we can see a crowded dance floor. On the other side of the upper floor are two couples that obviously long for one another. We kiss and caress. I deal with the required protection and she waits for me on her hands and knees, head forward, until she feels me behind her.
Fifteen minutes later, she realizes that there are three men standing around. I am a bit surprised because, in principle, in this kind of establishment, Saturday evenings are reserved for couples. Not here,  apparently. Fortunately the men do not impose themselves. I help my partner to find a comfortable position and she takes me in her mouth while four pairs of hands caress her. I specified “hands only” after my companion made me understand that I should not chase the men away. They acknowledge my decision and they can stay for a while.
I gently turn her over so that she can lie on her back. She is fondled all over her body while I hold my hand under her head for comfort. She is uncertain, but I reassure her by telling her that I have the situation under control. She goes crazy with all those hands on her body.
“Only hands huh”, she repeats and I reassure her while throwing a severe look at the three men.
She moans in ecstasy.
After a while the men become keener and I tell her that we should move to our hotel to be alone. We came here only for a little excitement anyway. Coloring outside the lines was fun and challenging, but this should in no way escalate into crudeness.

When we arrive at the hotel, we take a shower followed by a long and sensual session of sex. Two hours later, the daylight that peeks through the window awakes us. I order a hearty breakfast that we eat in bed before intimately saying goodbye.

The Thalys train to Paris is waiting. A few hours later I receive a text message: “Just arrived. I loved it. See you soon … “

“Brussels by night”. I will never forget.  And she will probably not either. The fresh fruit and the blindfold… will be for next time … ☺

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