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Lost in his Arms

Gigolo gezelschapsheer

Gigolo Aachen Straight male escort Germany.

Read a real story about a Gigolo date in Germany, Aachen. It is only 1h30 drive from my place. Book a Gigolo In Aachen. Gigolo Aachen straight male escort.

Lost In His Arms, Gigolo Aachen straight male escort


The frost on the window in Germany, Aachen reminded me how cold it was outside.  But warmth seemed to run through my body from the touch of his fingertips on my shoulders.  Vince, gently stroked my hair back and kissed the hollow of my neck.  His lips were warm and soft on my skin. I closed my eyes and smiled as he continued to nuzzle my neck with delicious kisses.  I wrapped my arm back around his face. Running my hands through his hair and breathing in the smell of him. Gigolo Aachen straight male escort Germany

His hand moved to my back and slowly lowered the long zipper of my dress.  The way he let his fingertips drag lightly along my spine gave me chills. And i drew in a breath from the sensation. He slid the delicate straps over my shoulders and down my arms to my waist as he knelt down, holding the dress in place on my hips.   I could feel his breath hot on my skin. Then his lips on the sensitive skin at the small of my back.  A soft, sweet moan escaped my lips as he ran his tongue along the base of my spine.  
He let the dress fall away as he rose. Running his hands around my waist, softly along my stomach and up my body.  He turned me chin toward him and kissed me slowly, deeply, as he his hands massaged my breasts. I turned into him, wanting to be closer, to just let go and simply get lost in his arms for this night …. and I did.  
Gigolo Aachen Straight male escort

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Don’t talk, just kiss…


We have a date.

I have a date with you without even knowing you.

You have date with me without even knowing me.

I have never heard your voice and I have never seen you in person. A short telephone call, that’s the only contact that we have ever had.  I, who was making clear what I wanted,. You, who told me that it was possible,. The city of Antwerp would not be a problem either because of the numerous inconspicuous and stylish hotels that are found there.

Now, I find myself being in Antwerp for my lunch break, with a throbbing heart and a body that tingles of excitement at the knowledge that my long-cherished fantasy will be coming through soon. The light in the hotel corridor is dim but that’s because I am wearing sunglasses. Today I am “undercover”. I knock on the door. Carpet must be muffling the sound as the door slightly opens without me having heard footsteps. The lights in the room are hazy and I only saw you for a split second right before you pulled me inside. White shirt. Black pants. A mischievous and inexorably severe men’s look. Your eyes stare at mine and tell me that there is no way out because I am totally at your mercy. I feel your hands on my shoulders while you’re still looking at me. In one swift movement my coat drops on the desk beside me. There’s a bottle of white wine that is dampened with condensation. Without a word you pour two glasses and let me drink.

Then you push my back against the wall with a compelling impatience that makes me shudder a little. Your right hand cuffs my thin wrists and holds them above my head. You push your body against mine and I can no longer move.

Your left hand, tender and exploring, glides from my hair to my face. Your index finger caresses my red painted lips and parts them. Then suddenly I feel your lips brushing mine. Your eager and short kisses force my mouth open. You wait with your tongue lingering between my lips until I moan and you respond with an intense kiss that leaves no doubt as to what you are going to do with me next. Your left hand now slides down the side of my breasts, over my waist and my hips. Lower still, to the seam of my dress. Your hand rolls the fabric up and slides over the black nylon along my right thigh. I can sense your growing excitement when your hand reaches my garters. Your hand moves quickly and without any restraint to the part of my buttocks that is not covered by fabric. Then suddenly you grab my leg and lift up my knee, while pushing even closer against me.

I gasp of excitement and arousal while my leg clamps around your waist. You treat my neck and ears with short, compelling, warm kisses. Your hand slips slowly between my legs, near the warmest spot. I’m a little shy and strained, but at the same time incredibly excited when your hand slowly unbuttons my black lace body. Your warm and skilled fingers immediately feel how excited I am. You briefly grin and then kiss me passionately on the mouth, while I feel the grip of your right hand strengthening around my wrists. I gasp when you push a finger inside of me and you can feel that I’m ready for you. But you keep caressing me, with vigorous rubbing and pushing that drives me crazy to the point that I forget everything else around me.

Just as I think that I can no longer hold it, you undo your pants in one swift motion and drop them to your ankles, followed by your boxer shorts. Your state of excitement is unmistakable.

I do not know how you did it, but your fingers must have been incredibly fast. My hands are loose and an open red pack of Durex is beside me on the desk. Still without a word you look at me, just long enough for me to realize that what is coming is unavoidable. You raise me up and penetrate me, your eyes still locked on mine. I let out a shriek when I feel how you fill me.

You grab my thighs and begin to push yourself slowly deep inside of me. I pull the top of my dress open and push your face between my breasts. You gently lick and suck my nipples. As your cadenced movements thump inside of me, my hardened nipples become more sensitive than they have ever been. I can feel little shocks pulling through my upper body and I wonder how long you will keep up the deep thrusts into my hungry body. When I almost come, you stop and pull my dress over my head. Your hands slide along my body. You knead my breasts and kiss them. I want to object when you pull away but then I find myself on a chair and your hands have spread my legs. Your hair feels soft and curly when you kneel before me with your head between my legs. Your tongue caresses and teases me. Here again, you do not take me to the highpoint because, for that crucial moment, you lay me on the bed for the ultimate conclusion…

I walk away fifty minutes later, stepping on the carpet in the corridor where people kindly nod at me. They have no idea of what I just did.


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A room with a view. Straight male escort Bruges

Gigolo Vince in Brugge

Straight male escort Bruges

With a Straight male escort Bruges? It was the very first time in her life she did something as scandalous as this. She only realized the full impact of her decision at the moment when she stepped out of the taxi near the picturesque Minnewater in Bruges. Her meeting in Brussels was over. Business was done for this week, as today was Saturday, a day for exclusive fun, she had imagined herself when she had dialed the phonenumber of the man who called himself Vince. She had found him through a Google-search on ‘male escort Belgium’. Of course she hesitated when she realized that he was thirty-four and she had just turned fifty… But he sounded so friendly and extravert that she decided to go through with it. “Age was not an issue at all”, he assured her. On the contrary, as he valued life experience and wisdom highly. 

So there she was, in her hotel that she had booked for this special night prolonging her business trip to Belgium. She could already have been back in Britain at this moment, continuing her average life in her average house with her average suitors who never seemed to understand that a traditional relationship was not what she was looking for. But now she was here, in the ‘room with a view’ she had asked the receptionist of the Egmont Hotel for.

And she was painfully aware of the fact that there were only three and a half hour separating the present from the moment when she would meet her male escort Vince4ladies.

Although her colleagues always told her that she was fairly efficient, she managed to linger so long on her choice of clothing that she still had to hurry to the lobby at seven o’clock. She had preferred to be the first at this remarkable rendez-vous, so that she could have sat there to see him arrive. But it was seven pm sharp. And he would not have been a high-class gigolo if he were not punctual. And he was. She immediately recognized him from the photographs on his website and she did not find it hard to imagine that he had once worked as a professional model.

“Hello Anne, I am Vince. How are you?” He kissed her on the cheek as he stood up to greet her. She was overwhelmed by his subtle and yet intense perfume that convinced her of the reality of this moment.

“I’m fine, thank you”, Anne replied. “I’m sorry I’m late”.

“You’re not late. I was early and eager to meet you”. The look in his grey-blue eyes was undeniably sensitive and seductive like she had never seen in a man before.

“Do you have any preference as for the restaurant where you would like to have dinner?”

Anne realized that she had forgotten all about dinner in the past few seconds.

“Euh, no, not really. I must admit is the first time that I am in Bruges, so I am not acquainted with the culinary traditions in this city”.

“OK, no problem, I saw a nice restaurant on my way here. Maybe we could try that?”

“Yes, that would be great”, Anne said, relieved as she was to be able to have herself guided by this special man of whom she could hardly believe that he really was a gigolo. Vince possessed the rare gift to make this situation feel so natural that he and she could have been real lovers.

The restaurant was trendy and stylish with jazzy music on the background. Anne felt proud to be sitting here in the company of this handsome guy to whom she told far more about her personal life than she had planned to. But her listener had such a great capacity of emotional experience that she felt as if he understood everything she told him. Of course she realized that as a male escort he must have been used to having conversations about intimate matters, but still she found her open-heartedness in the company of this stranger highly unusual.

After dessert she felt a little uncomfortable as she found herself faced with the question how this evening would be proceeded. Not that she didn’t know what she wanted… From the very first glance she had felt that this man moved her in such a way that she could not help wondering what it would be like to spend the night with him. That was between his first ‘hello’ and her apology for being late.

With her usual reserve, she had asked him for a ‘meet & greet’ as it was called on his website. But now she thought it would be a shame to leave it at this. Tomorrow evening she would be back in London, feeling sorry about what could have happened…

“Did you enjoy your dessert?” he asked her.

“Oh yes, I did. This whole dinner was really delicious”, Anne answered.

“Would you like to have a coffee?”

“Yes, that would be nice”.

“Would you like it here or in some cosy tea-room maybe?”

“The coffee in the hotel lobby was quite good actually”, Anne ventured to say.

“Yes, you’re right. I had a cappuccino when I was waiting for you, and I must agree with you that it was nice and strong”.

Five minutes later she left the restaurant at the side of her professional male companion.

She did not want him to leave. Not now. Not today. Not when the pousse-café had finally given her the courage to ask him to stay.

“Do you already have plans for tonight?” she asked him.

“No, I don’t. I will just go home or keep you company a little longer if you prefer”. He said it with his usual diplomacy and with the serious look in his eyes, seemingly unaware of the effect his look had on her.

“That seems like a good idea to me”, she spoke hastily.

“I’m glad you like my company”, he said with a gentle smile.

“How could I not like it?” Anne asked with a sparkle in her eyes. She suddenly found herself bold and straightforward, but in one way or another she had the feeling that he would not judge her negatively for this.

And so he entered her gardenview room at 10.40 pm on this Saturday evening in Bruges.

“Fancy room, you have a good taste”, he said on a friendly tone.

“Thank you”.

When he helped her out of her coat she felt a gentle stroke on her wrists as she pulled her arms out of the sleeves. She curled her fingers to feel his warm hands that answered her overture.

“You’re more courteous than the British, do you realize that?” she said.

“Do you think so? Thanks for the compliment”, Vince answered.

“I mean it. And you have the ability to combine it with a sensual warm-blooded nature that is very rare where I come from”.

She put her hands on his shoulders and touched the back of his neck with her right hand.

“Maybe you can ask your employer to send you to Flanders more often”, he said before she felt his lips on her longing mouth.

She got entirely swept away in his embrace that made her forget about where she was and what she was doing here. This felt like a movie scene in which everything happened exactly the way it should.

“I feel a bit warm. Do you mind if I have a quick shower?” she asked him.

“No, of course I don’t. Maybe I can join you?” he said with a provocative sparkle in his eyes.

“Great idea”, she answered before she unbuttoned his shirt and led him to the luxurious bathroom where they undressed each other to experience the sensation of hot water on their naked skin. At that very instant she already knew that she would never forget the smell of the soap she rubbed on his solid chest and the feeling of his hands on her tingling body.

After this divine shower ritual she was moved by the devotion in his gestures when he dried her wet skin with a large white towel. With the hotel towel wrapped around her, two strong arms suddenly lifted her and carried her to the bed.

“Don’t go…”, she wispered when he turned around and went back to the bathroom.

He smiled over her impatience when he came back with a bottle of sweet-smelling massage oil. With visible delight she stretched her body on the bed and surrendered to his professional caressing hands. Saturday became Sunday as the massage smoothly transformed into a scene of intimacy. First gentle and tender, but as the night proceeded, more passionate and wild, in a way she had never lived it before in the fifty years she was alive. And alive she felt, more than ever, when she woke up after less than two hours of sleep.

“Is it true that you can travel to Britain cheap and fast?” she asked him when he opened his eyes in the morning. 

“Absolutely”, her international gigolo smiled before pulling her to his side in a sensual morning embrace… 

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Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe.

gigolo europe

Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe.

My Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe. is coming. At a quick pace I walk to the first floor, where I look out of the window and see my gigolo Europe car parked further along the road…

At the exact spot where I had asked him to park for reasons of discretion. I can see my Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe. come and so I hurry myself to the front door, while he does the same, but on the outer side of my house. When the distinction between outer and inner side has disappeared by his arrival, his Hugo-perfume fills the hallway and the corridor. And then I remember that three weeks is too long to be separated from my gigolo Europe. It is raining, but I do not mind. I even think it cozy, for this weather marks the frontiers of our cocoon in which we hide ourselves from the outer world.

Straight male escort Europe

“You look good”, my gigolo Europe says, right before I was going to say the same to my gigolo Europe
“Why do I look good?” he then proceeds, tirelessly fishing for compliments that he can elicit from my lips like no other man can.
I start to laugh loudly and think it hilarious how my gigolo manages to do that time and again. He is so disarming with his boyish look, that naughty trait around his mouth, and his divine body that feels so intensely male and surprises me every time. Is it the fading of my memory after twenty-one days. Or is he really exceptionally sweet today? It has to be the first option, for I have never known him in any other way. But still. In his courteous, considerate and unselfish way he lets the evening slide in a glow that makes me doubt the reliability of my memory one day later.

Gigolo Europe

My Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe. and I have dinner at my table of rest and sensual delight. With a voluptuous dance on Paul Simon’s Graceland as an intermezzo. I love to see him eat, oh, how I love to see him eat. For he does it like he makes love, with a curious openness that lets him fully taste every delightful sensation. And a seductive greediness that is disarming because it is colored perfectly by unselfishness and a nearly childish looking delight. We dance, wildly and sweating as if we are seventeen again. Dance is passion, seduction, eroticism and pure sex. Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe. Definitely with him. I like his ‘moves’ and the lascivious expressions of his body. One hour later I am lying in his arms on my king-size bed, while he treats my skin to surprising kisses. I cannot get enough from the look of his solid, naked male body on the rumpled sheets. His skin has a tan. It feels warm and soft, with underneath the muscles that remember me of the fact that his body is so much more powerful than mine, a thought that I find extremely exciting. Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe.

It is already late when we say goodbye in the kitchen at half past twelve. Like children we are eating chocolate ice cream with little spoons, straight from the box that has been taken out of the freezer during our nightly escapade especially for this purpose. He moves closer and pulls my head towards him. The kiss of his warm and full lips tastes like chocolate. His hand is in my neck. His tongue is pushing itself inside, where it leaves a small chunk of chocolate ice behind in my surprised little mouth. The outer side of the ice cream chunk has become smooth and nearly liquid by the warmth of his mouth. The inner side is still waiting cold an frozen for my warm, licking, sucking and tasting tongue that caresses the ice, pulls it deeper inside, to push it back again toward the lips, that move the chunk back inside, where it melts to a warm and liquid substance that is swallowed with a devilish desire. The entire ritual is repeated once more with a second chunk of ice cream that is pushed inside just as sensually by the erotic force of his firmly exploring tongue.

I have always loved kissing, but could never suspect that a man could have shared this love with so much taste.
I stay awake in my still warm and sweet-smelling bed until he arrives at his place after his visit to my house. His kiss goodnight in the sms I receive still tastes like ice cream.

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Date a gigolo how it works? Gigolo first date

Gigolo date? how it works?  Gigolo first date How to date with a gigolo straight first time, I am nervous with a gigolo date for the first time. After all, who on earth can imagine a woman having a date with a (straight escort) gigolo for the first time?

I am not the adventurous type. I do have plenty of fantasies and sensual desires.

Life is quite cosy to me, with my daughter I am raising on my own. But I cannot deny that I sometimes have a hallucinating dream about an imaginary man. A man who may not stay imaginary for a long time…

But how ? What do I have to say to him? Will it be clear to everyone that what we have is not an ordinary blind date? And what if we do not match and I don’t feel like going any further?

I should not have worried about all that. Because he seems to be even more conscious than I am of all possible doubts a woman may have. We explicitly discuss this topic when the ice is broken. He knows how important the first impression during the first date with a gigolo is. That single moment, that single first second determines the rest of the evening. Also in my case that first time. I immediately feel that it’s okay. And I also feel that there is no obligation. If there is no ‘click’, then it stops here. It stops without me having to justify myself for anything at all, or even without having to feel embarrassed. I can tell by the way he treats me. Cautious, refined, with utmost respect and understanding. Every woman is unique, just like every man is unique. And individual preferences need not be discussed. “No hard feelings if you just want to stick to a drink”, that’s what he wrote in his e-mail. And that’s what his appearance tells me right now as well. My Date a gigolo  wears fresh Hugo-from-Hugo-Boss-, his disarming ways, his handsome looks and the gallant way in which he opens the door for me, say it all. First and foremost these impressions tell me that I will only have ‘hard feelings’ when after tonight I will realize that I should have done this much sooner.

“I think it’s great to be here with you. Everything is just a matter of perception. And of the right company!”

“Does it sometimes happen that there’s no ‘click’ and that the lady wants to stick to a drink or a dinner?” I ask him.

“That’s always possible. And it’s not a problem at all. There has to be a ‘click’ from both sides. I’m here for the lady and she decides what does or does not happen. There are no obligations whatsoever and the needs not be ashamed if she just wants to drink a glass of wine together. By the way, there are also women who are not looking for anything else. Just some company, but no sex.”.

He talks to me as if our lives have crossed in a natural way. Not a single person could suspect that I am sitting here with a gigolo. He’s just a guy whom I could have met in the city. A manwho fancies me. A gigolo who is courting me. A guy who does not expect a single thing from me, but who arouses more than thousend sensual expectations inside me.

I almost say it so fast that it becomes embarrassing. The “no!” that I shout when after a couple of hours in the trendy cafe he asks me if I prefer to go home, so that I may contact him later if I feel like it. “Or … if you don’t feel like being alone yet, we could still go somewhere else if you like. To have another drink or something”.

“Or something”… I don’t want to have a drink. I want the ‘or something’. He can tell by my shy smile and answers my naughty look with even naughtier eyes. With the elegance of a real gentleman he walks me outside.

“This is a cosy place to have a drink”, he says about the lobby of a nice hotel in the neighbourhood.

“Or … if you prefer to be alone for a while…”

“As a matter of fact I do”, I surprise myself with my boldness.

Everything goes in a surprisingly spontaneous way. As he stands by my side in the elevator that brings us to a higher floor. As the rooms opens its door for us. As he orders a glass of wine, fills my glass and starts kissing me gently. He is attentive to every signal from my side in order to know if he can go on or should stop. But everything inside me shouts ‘oooh yes…’. And so we go on and I forget that I have ever thought about possible reasons for hesitating about the question if a first date with a gigolo could possibly become a success in every possible way.

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Fantasy Gigolo, Dreaming of a Gigolo Fantasy

Fantasy gigolo 

For more than a year I had this fantasy I really wanted to come true. Sometimes the drudgery of everyday life distracted me enough not to think about it too much, but then at times it seemed as if my entire brain and every cell of my body were dominated by thoughts of this deep desire. One day I summoned all my courage and told my husband about it. He smiled uneasily and said “I’m glad you told me”. But he left it at that, because he did not really feel like living this sexual fantasy with me. Fantasy gigolo
I did not dare to mention it to him again. He had had his say and I had to accept that. I buried my fantasy and went on with my life. I managed pretty well when I was awake. Or at least for a while. But when I was sleeping, my dreams were invariably haunted by exciting and daring sensual images and I would wake up feeling sweaty and agitated. I couldn’t let it go.

Dreaming of a Gigolo Fantasy

I badly wanted to talk to someone about it. But my husband’s reaction had made me feel insecure. And who could I talk to about this anyway? Maybe my girlfriends would be a little bit shocked also. Moreover, they could not help me to turn my fantasy into reality anyway. I was alone in this. Alone with my feelings of lust and my imagination. Fantasy gigolo.

Looking for a Fantasy Gigolo

I started a new search. This time on Internet. I was looking for kindred spirits, inspiration, possibilities, or … What exactly? I did not really know. All I knew was that I wanted to find something. I came across the most disgusting things, and more than once I wanted to forget all about fulfilling my desire. Because the world I was venturing into, was very far from what I was really after. There was one website that had caught my eye, and I kept on returning to it. Vince. Vince. Vince. His classy story did not have a trace of the vulgarity that I found on so many other sites. He seemed so attractive, so masculine, so sensitive. Gradually it was he who started to take the role of antagonist in my dreams. Maybe he could help me realize this fantasy of mine? Fantasy gigolo

Meeting a gigolo Fantasy

“Thanks”, his spontaneous voice said when I first called him up. “Thank you for the candor in your email. I love your sense of imagination.”
“Really?” I asked hesitantly. I had not dared to hope for such a positive reaction. And hope turned into reality. Vince made me a few proposals and we mailed back and forth about practicalities. I sent him a picture of me, feeling anxious and excited at the same time. “Just a little taste of things to come …” I wrote. His reaction was enthusiastic and that gave me courage. I was going wild at the thought that my dream would turn into reality. Because it almost seemed that it was all about this in my life these days.

I was so nervous when I was finally going to do it. But I was well-prepared and dressed to the nines. That included skintone stay-ups I had bought the previous day in my favorite lingerie shop. My heart was beating a lot faster than normal when I drove off in my car and left my ordinary life behind.

When I returned, people and things looked exactly the same as when I left. As if nothing had happened. But something DID happen, and not just anything… With a well-satisfied smile on my face, I sent Vince a text message. “I actually have another fantasy I would like to come true. Probably not tomorrow, because I need to recover from this unforgettable adventure. But if it is OK for you, you’ll hear from me again soon …”

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Gigolo Köln straight male escort

Gigolo Köln, straight male escort.

“The blog text on your  site suggested that you might share my opinion”.

In the phone call in which she explains her mail to me, I can sense a slight hesitation.

“You make me feel like a natural woman”, I mean, “that text on your site”.

“Yes, that is what I try to do with all my dates”, I answer with a smile.

“But I don’t know if it’s possible”, she then says with some uncertainty in her voice.

“What do you mean?”

“I am just looking for nice company for a soul concert for next Wednesday. And it’s in Köln, straight male escort

“Fantastic, that sounds really great!” I enthusiastically respond.

“But such a huge distance, only for a concert… I thought…”

“That Aretha turned you on, didn’t you?” I finish her sentence in a playful way.

“Euh, yes, that’s right”, she now answers cheerfully.

“Well, then it might turn out very practical to have me at your side, won’t it?”

“Hahaha!” she now laughs. “I think I like you, Vince”.

“Shall I pick you up or do you prefer to meet in Köln,?”

It is a drowsy summer evening when I leave for my mission as ‘Gigolo Köln, straight male escort. She is waiting for me in a stylish outfit when I pick her up at her place. She does seem a little nervous. But not for long, as she immediately starts to relax after a few minutes in my car.

“I was a bit reluctant to the long ride to Köln”, she admits when we reach the national border.

“With a strange man in the car you mean?” I say with a smile.

“Yes, as a matter of fact you’re right. But at this moment I wish we still had at least a hundred miles to go!”

I look at her for a second and wink at her blushing face.

The concert is nice and informal. She dances and I dance, and half an hour later we are dancing together, her body in my arms, melting away on music that is not even Aretha’s.

“Are you hungry?” I ask her when we leave the concert hall around midnight.

She follows her nose and sees the snack bar that I had already noticed. Her look meets mine in a funny moment of understanding. Fifteen minutes later we are eating French fries with mayonnaise in my car.

“Do you realize that I haven’t done this for years?” she says when her fingers take two fries with the greediness of a child. “I just love the way you make me feel eighteen again”.

I smile and wipe some mayonnaise from her lips.

On our way home she asks me to stop at a gas station.

“I’ll be back in a sec” she says before disappearing into the shop.

When she takes place at my side in the car again, she takes my hand and caresses her cheek and mouth with my fingers.

“Was it Aretha?” I ask her with a naughty look.

“No it wasn’t”, she says, while keeping her eyes pointed at mine.

“It’s you Gigolo Vince, who turns me on right now”.

She comes closer and I gently kiss her, until she answers my kiss with a greediness that tells me that she wants more.

“At what time do you want to get home?” she asks with a blush of excitement between two kisses.

I take her chin in my hand, lick the tip of her nose and look at her with a decisive look.

“Not before Aretha stops singing, my love…”

Gigolo Köln, straight male escort.

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Gigolo Escort Frankfurt Germany

Gigolo Mannelijke escort

Gigolo escort Frankfurt,

Because he is here quite often in Frankfurt, every time well-dressed in a suit or jeans that gives away just enough of his anatomic details to make me lose my concentration again. When I saw him for the first time, I was secretly hoping that he would lose his luggage so that he would have to present himself at my desk in order to have his declaration of lost goods registered. Then I would have been able to study him at close quarters, while his eyes would have been focused on the form that needed to be filled out. Gigolo Escort Frankfurt

Nevertheless his luggage did not get lost. In fact, the only thing that got lost was my shame. And so I did get to see him, not during the registry of forms, but just as close, and even much closer than that. Gigolo Escort Frankfurt

When I observed him in the departure hall one day with his trolley in his right hand and his mobile phone in his left, I saw a lady in her mid-forties walking into his direction. He noticed her and smiled. At that very moment I excused myself in front of the client at my desk and walked to the toilets, with a gigantic detour that led me past him. I made sure I reached the spot where he stood exactly at the moment when the lady joined him. And so I heard that his name was Vince.

Google did the rest. I have always had well-developed detective skills, and so I managed to find him in no time. Gigolo Vince4ladies that was the name of the Frankfurt gigolo who was entirely unaware of the way he spiced the happiest of my working days with his sensual presence. Gigolo Escort Frankfurt

Escort for women in Frankfurt

Until that day when I was not sitting at my desk, but found myself actually being the woman who confidently entered the departure hall. I knew his airport smiles well enough, but this smile was intended especially for me that was clearly visible in his serious, grey-blue eyes in which the twinkles betrayed more than a thousand naughty thoughts. It was wonderfully forbidden what I did that day. …. I will never be able to think about Frankfurt again without feeling the tingle of my fingers when touching his warm and smooth chest.

We saw little of the city, but more of the room. Sheets became sweaty and disordered before he soaped me with softness and some jasmine-smelling foam in the shower. In between our intimate moments we tried out room service, exactly like in the movies. On the second day we left our room for a couple of hours, so that for the first time in my life I could make Frankfurt city unsafe at the side of my personal style coach. For a man he knew surprisingly well which clothes I needed to express my personality. I was another person, from the inside and the outside, when I flew back to Frankfurt with my gigolo.

When I see him again today, with his trolley and his mobile phone, waiting for his travel companion of the weekend, I send him an sms: “Hey handsome, can I let your luggage disappear, so that I can be at your service for a change?… ;-) Your Frankfurt airport lady”.
Seven seconds later he turns around, immediately spots me with his hawk’s eye and winks, while he swiftly licks his upper lip in a subtle gesture.


I also like to visit Köln

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Straight male escort gigolo in Las Vegas through New York

Straight male escort gigolo in Las Vegas through New York.

Flying through New York and Los Angeles, I, a straight male escort called Vince, was in Las Vegas some time ago..  Never before did I have the chance to visit the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’, but it had always been in the top 10 of my wish list. Thanks to the invitation from a lady overseas, my list got a little bit shorter. This lady asked me to fly over for a visit and I was eager to meet her.  I was also anxious to find out what mythic Vegas had to offer: gambling, shopping, fine dining and what else? Although relatively unfamiliar with casinos, I was ready for any possible surprise. Inserting that one-dollar coin in the right slot machine at the right time could have changed a few things around. It did not but the golden Vegas rule prevails, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”…

What a convenient local wisdom for a gigolo ;-)


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Brussels Gigolo in Belgium escort

Brussels Gigolo.. good to know

When you contact me in Brussels.It makes a world of difference when I don’t have to read a one-liner when you contact me. Questions such as ‘What are your rates? or “One date, how does that work exactly?”  My website provides extensive information about the various possibilities and should give you a clear picture of what to expect from a date.  I will (Brussels Gigolo ), of course, gladly answer specific questions that you may have based on your personal preferences but you should also tell me briefly and discreetly a little bit about yourself, especially where you are and where you may want us to meet. This facilitates my answering your specific questions and further allows me to provide you with a non-binding proposal.

If you’d rather call me but I am not readily available to answer,  then you should leave a message on asking me to call you back, specifying the most convenient time for you to receive my call.Brussels Gigolo

Vince, am I not too old? I just turned 52 and I’m not a businesswoman. Would you meet me?

Messages like this sometimes end up in my mailbox. Why? At the age of 52, you know more than ever what you really want as a woman.  You are in the prime of your life! So, lady, enjoy it and do not hesitate,;-)

Mutual care and respect, mentally and physically, is what makes the difference as far as I am concerned.

News from Vince,Brussels Gigolo

Why do I have a blog linked to my website and why does it show the countries to which I sometimes travel?

I enjoy life and I like simple things the most.Brussels Gigolo

Even cooking, eating a sandwich with cheese on the beach, drinking an expresso on a pleasant terrace in the heart of Ghent, … these are all things I incredibly enjoy doing. At home or on the move. But also because traveling has always been one of my passions, I gladly share new groundbreaking experiences in my blog.

Unlike what you might think, a nice trip for both of us may be within reach for everyone. Early reservations is the message when looking for affordable tickets.

Cologne and Paris are easily reached by Thalys. Thanks to the Eurostar, London is close by or can even be reached in less than an hour by airplane. A flight to Geneva or Zurich can bring us together rather rapidly and at reasonable cost so that we can attain considerable heights.

We can meet at my place (incidentally very close to a train station and the airport) or on the other side of our globe. As you can see, lady, distance is all relative. I can come as close as you want me to be. Just let me know where you want us to meet me and we can both look at the most affordable and comfortable arrangement.

Websites often show ‘guestbooks’ or ‘reviews” with all kinds of reactions and you may wonder at times if these are based on true stories.  I hesitated for a long time before including a “guestbook” in my blog.  But after a date with a lady I am sometimes spontaneously asked the question if she can post a comment someplace because she wants to share her experience with other women or because writing about it works as a therapy for her. Or when a lady demonstrates that she has an inspring writing style in her e-mail messages, I do ask her if she would like to write some type of testimony for my site.

The teasers and stories are real, only the authors’ identities are not disclosed.

The following are a few spontaneous reactions received from ladies for posting on the website. Anyone who would like to share a personal story about a date that we may have had in the past may certainly send me her story. So let’s go. Feel free;-)


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