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Curiosity to meet a gigolo

Ervaring gigolo

One day the word gigolo appeared somewhere, and I was curious, intrigued by it.  It was so abstract, so unknown to me.  Something that existed in the world, but that I had never encountered in my own life, except as something obscure and romanticized in a film.  Surely there was more, there had to be more than some larger than life experience, completely beyond my reach.  There had to be something, someone . . . real, right?  It took me one year to finally find out.

As I started searching the internet for this secret world full of taboos, all I encountered were ridiculous photos of men exposing themselves or escort agencies with men who seemed to be picked directly from a modeling agency.  These men seemed better suited to the pages of a magazine than on a date with someone like me.  They were attractive, no doubt, but their real personality was a mystery.  Sometimes, even their faces were hidden!  What if the head was not so pleasing as the body?  I did not want to spend hours with someone that I may not find interesting at all, someone whose well-rehearsed role of charming companion I would immediately see as just that, a role he is playing, nothing real or true.  I would feel nothing but disappointment.

So, I continued to search.

And then, one day, I stumbled upon Vince.  His site was so pleasant and unique.  There was so much to see and read!  He was so open, so revealing and honest about himself. The photos spoke warmth and personality, classy and inviting, not vulgar and imposing.  The testimonies of other women sounded genuine, pleasant and intense.  Vince was not just a body in a photo, not just a perfected persona on a screen, he seemed so … real. 

I hesitantly sent a short e-mail that I wanted to meet, and he replied.  But this was still new to me.  I was still unsure and afraid, self-conscious and scared.  So, I made no appointment.  But in the many months after that, Vince remained ever in my thoughts.  Day after day, I dreamed of meeting him and what the experience would be like.  Would I like him?  Would he like me?  Would I be disappointed?  I longed to see him, talk to him and know him in person.  But each time I stopped short of reaching out to him again, my fear always overtaking me.

Until the day my longing became stronger than my fear.  I wrote to him, suggesting a concrete date to meet each other and pressed Send before I could change my mind or back out.  I would dream no more.  I would make it reality.

We agreed on a place to meet.  As I waited, I grew nervous, but I knew I had to do this.  My curiosity of the gigolo experience, and especially of Vince, was like a thirst longing to be quenched.  Even if I was to be disappointed, it would no longer be a mystery and I would know for certain.   

And then he was there. I had prepared myself for an uncomfortable, awkward start, but he immediately made a joke, not a faint one that obliged me to laugh politely, but one that quickly broke the ice and put us both at ease.  I was taken by the cheerful, spontaneous, beautiful man at my door. Vince played no one other than himself, so open, authentic and wonderful.  He did not pretend to be some slick, smooth fancy gentleman spewing a well-rehearsed script full of paper compliments and cheesy lines.  He was just . . . himself, and it was perfect.

And we clicked. We talked for a long time and then started kissing gently, so naturally. What followed was an evening with two uncomplicated bodies and a shameless dedication to one another.

Before Vince, I associated high-class with an expensive, suave gigolo, tight in his suit, playing his three-hour role.

But what I experienced with Vince …  so open, attentive, disarming and playful, so genuine, kind and honest …. it created a warm and friendly feeling that lingered for weeks, along with a tingling body. A special person that you would like to see again. I believe that is the only thing I want to call high class.

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Married to my first love, a good career, it continued to gnaw

Gigolo ervaring review

My experience with Vince ….

I doubted for a long, long time. I have a good marriage, three lovely children, a good career, married with my first love. And yet it continued to gnaw. 

Intimately I missed the excitement and passion.  I wanted to discover more, but my husband was clearly not open to it and how would it be to be intimate with another man. I remained curious and eventually I decided to look for it anyway. I ended up at Vince’s site.  I wondered how he knew exactly what I was looking for.  Finally, after another period of doubting if it was wise or not, I sent an email, and Straight male escort, Vince mailed back.  He sent me many sweet words and I was sold right away. This was the right man who could answer my desires and make me more experienced.

The day of our appointment finally arrived.  Vince could see that I was nervous and held me close in his arms to calm me.  His embrace was warm and reassuring.  We settled on his couch with a glass of wine and soon we began to kiss intently.  I have missed this for a long time.  When he asked to take me upstairs, I answered yes because I was eager for more.

And I got more, because before I knew it, I lay naked in his bed.  With his head between my legs he spoiled me as I have never experienced before.  He knew exactly where to find the right spots and brought me complete ecstasy.  We went on kissing.  I felt free.  I could let myself go completely and Vince did not mind.  He asked me if I had enjoyed it.  Caressing and kissing we enjoyed telling each other our intimate fantasies, which quickly rekindled the fire.

Vince asked me to trust him, blindfolded me and carefully secured my wrists to the bed.

There was a shiver through my body, a shiver of pure pleasure. This man knew exactly what I wanted. I do not know how long it took, but Vince brought me from peak to peak, after which I fell back to bed exhausted.  But he did not allow me much peace.  His strong arms lifted me on top of him and with his soft hands on my hips, he guided our rhythm.  The blindfold disappeared, and I saw that I was not the only one who was excited.  He also reached his climax, after which we came together in a silent, caressing and restful way. The evening ended with a wonderful massage for Vince. Because honestly, he certainly deserved it.

Dear Vince, as you said yourself, you have written a piece of history in my life. I will never forget this day and secretly I hope that we will see each other again, there is still a lot to discover.

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Are you visiting Brussels and looking for an Escort companion for women Brussels?

Escort companion for women Brussels b

Are you visiting Brussels and looking for an Escort companion for women Brussels?

As an Escort companion for women Brussels we can meet in Brussels to have a drink.

Or you can contact me for an erotic massage…

Do you want to read a REAL teaser from an Escort companion for women Brussels?

You can read here a little teaser

Honestly, I still can’t believe I contacted vince4ladies Why not just book a nice relaxing massage at a spa?  Because I wanted a little more than relaxing.  I wanted special attention, pampering … from a man.  What woman hasn’t had a professional massage from a man and fantasized just a bit that his hands might stray from the proper path and caress her body?  

Escort companion for women Brussels is how I found him (Escort companion for women Brussels).  His website was unlike the lurid and vulgar nature of so many of the other sites advertising a sensual or erotic massage.  It felt classy, comforting and genuine.  I could get a relaxing, sensual massage but I remained in control of the situation at all times.  Yes, it was possible to go further if I decided, but it was always my choice.   There was no hint of sleaziness, just a desire to meet my expectations, to bring me pleasure.  And, if I’m honest, I secretly liked the idea that it could go further if I wanted it to … even though I assured myself I simply wanted a massage with a bit of arousal, nothing more. 

I had given him my hotel address and room number.  I felt so nervous, and excited, waiting for him to arrive.  What would he think of my body? Would he like me?  What if he was nothing like his site?  What if I disliked him?  I tried to put my doubt out of my mind with a glass of wine as I waited. 

At precisely 8:00 p.m., there was a gentle knock at my door.  My hands trembled as I opened the door.  And there he was, Vince, exactly the man whose photos I examined so closely on my computer screen.  He smiled warmly as he greeted me and politely kissed my cheek as he stepped into the room.  Whatever lingering reservations I may have held quickly faded as we began to speak.  Vince was so warm and pleasant, talking so naturally with me.  I immediately felt at ease in his presence.  I admit that I also found him extremely attractive and liked the way he looked at me as we talked.  I excused myself to change into a bathing robe while he prepared.

Do not hesitate to contact him…  Escort companion for women Brussels.   Of course I bring some music with me . enjoy it and relax.

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Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands… my blind date with Vince

gigolo escort Breda

Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands… my blind date 

“I did something I never thought I would do. My ‘gigolo Breda’ (The Netherlands) and me. On a cold wintry Friday”.

This story is written by T., a Dutch lady I dated. She spontaneously decided to write about the way she experienced our first date.

It’s Friday. That’s the first thing that crosses my mind when I wake up in the morning. I crawl a bit deeper under the warm blankets, enjoying the thought that it’s my day off. I feel something important is going to happen today… something exciting. A slight tension runs through my body. Today is the day I’m going to meet Vince for the first time. Vince…..the name of the man who has been haunting my thoughts and dreams over the past month.Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands

Straight male escort Breda

Is it a coincidence or maybe destiny that Vince came into my life? On a given day I came across his website and I was mesmerized by the way his eyes stared at me from the screen. From that moment on I repeatedly stopped by his site, curiously reading about everything he had to tell me. His words and mysterious appearance were challenging me to contact him. Eventually, I gave in to the temptation and decided to write him an e-mail in which I told him about me, my life and my fantasies. I wasn’t sure yet if I would actually have the courage to plan a date with him and I honestly told him about my doubts and fears. Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands
With anticipation I looked forward to his reply.

After waiting for over a day, his name appeared in my inbox. I felt my heartbeat accelerate while I opened his e-mail. His answer turned out to be very sweet and endearing which triggered my fantasies even more… Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands

Gigolo Netherlands

After his reply we decided to contact each other on the phone. We had a long talk and I could definitely tell we had a strong connection. I enjoyed his Flemish charm and couldn’t wait to meet him; all my doubts had disappeared.
I was ready to plan a date and we picked a Friday in February. It was really going to happen. Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands

While I’m getting ready for the day I’m thinking of my contact with Vince and the effect he has on me. It’s special to have such intense feelings for a man I have never met before.
With my packed suitcase I’m walking to my car. It’s a beautiful day; although the temperature is well below zero, the sun is shining in the middle of a clear blue sky. For a moment I stop and close my eyes while I face the sun, letting the warmth caress my body.
I realize that my journey to an exciting adventure is about to begin.
Relaxed and without any rush I’m travelling to the south. I enjoy the ride while I listen to the radio. Knowing my date with Vince is getting closer, I suddenly start to feel insecure. What if we don’t like each other as much as expected? Firmly I set aside my doubts and turn up the volume of the radio to distract myself from my thoughts.

Faster than expected I arrive at the hotel where Vince and I have agreed to meet. In the hotel room I feel restless so I already start to unpack my clothes for the evening. Trying to feel more relaxed I take a long hot shower and dream away on the things to come. I take my time to get dressed and for my date with Vince I choose a black dress with a subtle color print.  Underneath it I wear black stockings and boots. Softly I touch my legs and feel the smooth fabric, wondering what Vince will think of me in this outfit.

A text message on my phone lets me know that Vince has arrived and is waiting for me in the lobby. With a last look in the mirror I nervously walk to the elevator. It feels like half an hour before I reach the ground floor. Just a few more seconds and then….
Our eyes meet for the first time and I recognize him immediately. He greets me with three kisses. I can tell we are both nervous. While I walk in front of him towards the hotel bar, I feel his eyes burning on my back.

We pick a quiet table and order two glasses of white wine. Here we are…. We smile a bit insecure at each other, but soon the conversation gets going. We ask and tell a lot about ourselves and our lives and in the meantime the game of flirtation is being played. To tease him, I make sure he has a clear view on my legs. When I change position on my seat, I notice that he didn’t miss the sight of my stockings and boots. The sexual tension between us is growing; we both feel it. After a second drink Vince proposes to go to the hotel room in order to have some privacy. I have a good feeling about it and I decide to go with him.

As soon as the door closes behind us, Vince takes me in his arms for a wonderful embrace. I smell his delicate perfume and with my hands I start to discover his body. Our embrace turns into a thrilling and passionate kiss. My arousal is increasing rapidly when Vince takes off my dress, throws it on the floor and pulls me with him on the bed. His hands and mouth create a burning sensation on my breasts, stomach and further down at the hottest and most intimate part of my body. I lose myself in a storm of ecstasy. When I’m on top of Vince, he asks me to keep my stockings and boots in place; it turns him on. Our lovemaking becomes wild and eager, longing for liberation. Within moments I reach an orgasm. Completely satisfied and exhausted I’m lying in Vince’s arms, cherishing his warm skin against mine.
As soon as I’m back on earth again, he suggests to give me a massage. Next to the bed a massage candle is burning. The wax is being transformed into massage oil. Vince slides the oil on my back which startles me and creates a sigh of delight on my lips. Silently I enjoy his hands working their magic; first on my back and after that on my breasts and stomach. We both get turned on again and within seconds we are back at passionate lovemaking. Vince reaches an intense orgasm. In his arms I’m looking back at an unforgettable evening.

My night with Vince was the first of many more to come.



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