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Don’t talk, just kiss…


We have a date.

I have a date with you without even knowing you.

You have date with me without even knowing me.

I have never heard your voice and I have never seen you in person. A short telephone call, that’s the only contact that we have ever had.  I, who was making clear what I wanted,. You, who told me that it was possible,. The city of Antwerp would not be a problem either because of the numerous inconspicuous and stylish hotels that are found there.

Now, I find myself being in Antwerp for my lunch break, with a throbbing heart and a body that tingles of excitement at the knowledge that my long-cherished fantasy will be coming through soon. The light in the hotel corridor is dim but that’s because I am wearing sunglasses. Today I am “undercover”. I knock on the door. Carpet must be muffling the sound as the door slightly opens without me having heard footsteps. The lights in the room are hazy and I only saw you for a split second right before you pulled me inside. White shirt. Black pants. A mischievous and inexorably severe men’s look. Your eyes stare at mine and tell me that there is no way out because I am totally at your mercy. I feel your hands on my shoulders while you’re still looking at me. In one swift movement my coat drops on the desk beside me. There’s a bottle of white wine that is dampened with condensation. Without a word you pour two glasses and let me drink.

Then you push my back against the wall with a compelling impatience that makes me shudder a little. Your right hand cuffs my thin wrists and holds them above my head. You push your body against mine and I can no longer move.

Your left hand, tender and exploring, glides from my hair to my face. Your index finger caresses my red painted lips and parts them. Then suddenly I feel your lips brushing mine. Your eager and short kisses force my mouth open. You wait with your tongue lingering between my lips until I moan and you respond with an intense kiss that leaves no doubt as to what you are going to do with me next. Your left hand now slides down the side of my breasts, over my waist and my hips. Lower still, to the seam of my dress. Your hand rolls the fabric up and slides over the black nylon along my right thigh. I can sense your growing excitement when your hand reaches my garters. Your hand moves quickly and without any restraint to the part of my buttocks that is not covered by fabric. Then suddenly you grab my leg and lift up my knee, while pushing even closer against me.

I gasp of excitement and arousal while my leg clamps around your waist. You treat my neck and ears with short, compelling, warm kisses. Your hand slips slowly between my legs, near the warmest spot. I’m a little shy and strained, but at the same time incredibly excited when your hand slowly unbuttons my black lace body. Your warm and skilled fingers immediately feel how excited I am. You briefly grin and then kiss me passionately on the mouth, while I feel the grip of your right hand strengthening around my wrists. I gasp when you push a finger inside of me and you can feel that I’m ready for you. But you keep caressing me, with vigorous rubbing and pushing that drives me crazy to the point that I forget everything else around me.

Just as I think that I can no longer hold it, you undo your pants in one swift motion and drop them to your ankles, followed by your boxer shorts. Your state of excitement is unmistakable.

I do not know how you did it, but your fingers must have been incredibly fast. My hands are loose and an open red pack of Durex is beside me on the desk. Still without a word you look at me, just long enough for me to realize that what is coming is unavoidable. You raise me up and penetrate me, your eyes still locked on mine. I let out a shriek when I feel how you fill me.

You grab my thighs and begin to push yourself slowly deep inside of me. I pull the top of my dress open and push your face between my breasts. You gently lick and suck my nipples. As your cadenced movements thump inside of me, my hardened nipples become more sensitive than they have ever been. I can feel little shocks pulling through my upper body and I wonder how long you will keep up the deep thrusts into my hungry body. When I almost come, you stop and pull my dress over my head. Your hands slide along my body. You knead my breasts and kiss them. I want to object when you pull away but then I find myself on a chair and your hands have spread my legs. Your hair feels soft and curly when you kneel before me with your head between my legs. Your tongue caresses and teases me. Here again, you do not take me to the highpoint because, for that crucial moment, you lay me on the bed for the ultimate conclusion…

I walk away fifty minutes later, stepping on the carpet in the corridor where people kindly nod at me. They have no idea of what I just did.

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