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Anything else you would like to know before we meet?


Why contacting a male escort?

You want uncomplicated male company. You do not have the time or desire to start a relationship. You want to spice up and add value to your sex life. You want to bring your fantasies to reality in all discretion.


Can I count on absolute discretion and privacy? I hold a high position in society.

To be a successful companion, discretion is crucial. I never reveal the identity of my clients. I will contact you discretely in the manner of your choice.  I fully respect your privacy, this is a personal must for me, too.


How do I know that your photos are real?

For more info I refer to my press files


Do I need to meet certain conditions?

Personal hygiene. This is an absolute must. If you want, we can shower or bathe together at the start of our meeting

Safe sex. ALWAYS. If you disagree, our meeting cannot go through. Safe with Vince


How do we settle the payment?

I suggest you pay me cash at the start of our date. This way we avoid embarrassing situations and we can fully concentrate on our encounter.


Where are you located?

In Belgium, in the Brussels region. But I travel to any location both in Belgium and abroad.


Are you available internationally?

I can travel at very short notice to any European country. Outside of Europe I might need some extra planning time. In order to keep my travel expenses as low as possible, timely reservation is advised. Needless to say, I will gladly assist you with the practical organization.


I am uncertain about my looks and age. How important are they to you?

Appeal and charisma have nothing to do with age nor looks. Every woman has her personal charm. Your age is of no importance to me*, as long as you enjoy our being together.

*as long as you are of age in the country where we meet. In Belgium it is 18.


Do you smoke?

No, but I don’t mind if you do.


Safety & fun

As an international gigolo, having safe sex is obvious. I create a safe and woman-friendly environment, for you to be able to enjoy without worrying. Since health has the priority in any situation, I don’t take any risk and never engage in activities that would geopardise it. I always carry protection, Durex and Beffy, depending on the way we’d enjoy one another. Since I never tamper with these safety measures, you do not need to worry about STD’s. For your and also my peace of mind, I have myself tested thoroughly every 3 months on STD’s by my physician, who is aware of my professional activities.

My last checkup was on 15 September 2020 and I am completely clean. I keep the test results so If you want you can consult it. Just ask for it.


Safety is a must. But feeling comfortable is also very important. It would be very unfortunate if you had to cancel a long-expected date because of a feminine problem. We can postpone it, of course, but there are also comfortable solutions like Beppy.

So, no need to worry ; you are safe and free with me.

More info about Durex, Beffy and Beppy :


Vince, I am allergic to latex, do you also have latex-free condoms?

Yes, I always carry them with me.


How do I best plan a date with you?

You can contact me by phone, e-mail or by filling in the contact form . Do not forget to tell me at what phone number or e-mail address I can get back to you. I will contact you as soon as I can.


What is your sexual preference?

I am straight.


What can you guarantee me?

I respect your privacy and identity. Discretion is an absolute must.

I guarantee my full attention during our meeting.

I dress stylishly according to the occasion, and I keep the highest standards regarding hygiene.


Safety measure

Safety measure: tell a friend or neighbour where we meet. Give the place of meeting to a person you can trust. For your own peace of mind. I give this tip out of experience. And to stress the fact that your safety matters a lot to me, because it is only in that atmosphere that we can fully enjoy each other. It’s also a way to reassure you of my good intentions.

You are in excellent hands, I am a very respectful person.

Sweet kisses.


Available internationally

I'm available in Belgium or internationally. You can contact me by mobile phone or e-mail. I will answer you as quickly as possible.

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