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My European and worldwide journeys are economic, flexible and fast. Here's a selection of concepts that may please you.

La Carte

Welcome to my world of international exquisite gastronomy…

Our first date...

What to expect

It is not customary, but if after our first contact by mail and telephone, you wish to meet, we can have a coffee or drink together to ensure yourself you feel good in my company. If our meeting makes you long for more, we can proceed at that moment or on the following date.

We can make it a little more intimate right away. My experienced hands will gladly treat your body to a professional massage. Relaxing or erotic.  

Have a look at the possibilities in ‘à la carte’. Or surprise me with your naughty proposition.

Prices at request. Don’t hesitate to e-mail me for further information. I am here for you.

Starters sweet

Meet & greet: lunch or Drink
1 or 2 hours

If you prefer to meet me first, that can be easily organized. You can choose the place: we can go for a coffee or a drink in a bar, or have a glass of wine at my place. We have a little chat, about any topic of your choice, to see if it matches. If so, we can decide to take it to a more intimate level during our next encounter. Or at that moment. Your choice.



Massage relaxing

Experience yourself becoming totally zen and relaxed by the touch of my expert hands. Let go of any tension, any stress. Just concentrate on my hands on your body, and come out of it relaxed and renewed.

Massage erotic
1 hour

Nothing like an erotic massage to re-boost your energy, and feel the glow of your femininity. My oiled hands on your skin, soft and warm, exploring your whole body, not leaving any spot untouched…an unforgettable experience, followed by  a sensual shower, to soothe the thrills felt during the massage.

you can read this post ->Massage in Brussels


Erotic relaxing massage for women

The stress of daily life takes its toll on us all.  We often forget to
spoil ourselves and our body.  Yet, the more lovingly we treat
ourselves, the more loving and joyful we are in life toward others.
Take the time for yourself that you deserve.  Let your masseur Vince
pamper you professionally and rediscover your femininity with a
relaxing erotic massage.

My oiled hands on your skin, soft and warm, will explore your whole
body, leaving no spot untouched.  With a combination of powerful
movements, delicate beats and elaborate caresses, I will relieve all
stress from your beautiful body so that you feel completely relaxed,
calm and renewed.

Sensual, tantric massage for women

This highly sensual massage is a beautiful melody sung from one body
to another.    In this massage I use not just my hands, but my entire
body to caress and relax your body.  Experience the intense effect of
skin on skin contact.  Indulge in waves of warm sensuality and
arousal.  This unique journey of pleasure is an unforgettable
experience, the effects of which you will feel for days to come.

Erotic Shower Together

An erotic shower together is the ideal foreplay or afterplay for your
erotic massage.  Relax with me under the warm streams of water.  Let
me gently lather your body with a soft, soapy sponge and rinse every
curve clean before sensually drying your skin with a warm towel.  You
needn’t do anything, I will spoil you completely.

A shower before the massage will warm your body and relax the muscles,
but will lightly stimulate your senses before you undergo the erotic

An erotic shower afterwards is also a perfect conclusion: the circle
is complete.  After all the sensations of the massage, my hands will
gently calm your body and bring you to a state of complete rest.

If you like, you can add an extra pleasure to your massage:
• shower
• bath
• couple
• role play
• soft fetish


Quickie escape

You yearn for excitement, for the unexpected and surprise. Escape during a night out with friends to a hidden place in the bar or in the neighborhood, where I will satisfy all your hungry needs. And then return to the company of your friends.

Erotic kicks at a public place

Is this a deep desire you have secretly cherished for years? To meet in a museum or concert hall, a stylish bar or a restaurant, where we subtly build up the tension to then lose ourselves in a whirlwind of passion? That’s my girl.

Lighter shade of grey

You show up wearing nothing but a long rain coat and boots. Underneath you are naked. If you did choose to wear lingerie, I might grant you mercy this once. But do know this has a consequence. I will be stricter with you, so you will learn it is wiser to obey me.

I wear gloves. I turn your face to the wall and I look you up and down to see if your outfit pleases me. I take off your coat. I open a bottle of wine and offer you a glass.

I ask you to play with yourself. I massage you. With ice cubes. With oil. I play with your body, using toys, chains, loving eggs, a sex swing. Up to you whether you give me carte blanche.

I am strict but just. If you do not follow my orders to my satisfaction, I will be forced to tighten your blindfold and to teach you differently. I will submit you, but in a soft erotic way. It is above all your mind that will be mine.

Atmosphere : physically soft, very erotic, mental submission ( intro sm)

Obvious : security, hygiene, respect

Dark grey

Before we meet you will receive instructions via a text message. I expect you to follow them, because I don’t want to be too hard for you.

Expect physical and mental challenges that will drive on the limits of your submission. Moment by moment I will spur you sexually until I see your need for a break. After that I will use your body as a means to feel my lust. Slowly. Until I decide you are ready for more

Atmosphere : soft sm.

Terms : having  passed the “light grey” test successfully, so that I am aware of your boundaries.

Obvious : security, hygiene, respect.

Sex with me

You will have noticed: there is a Soft and a Naughty section.

Due to the book Fifty Shades of Grey and the suggestions and phantasies of some of my more open-minded clients, I decided to dedicate part of my website to the naughtier scenarios.

Some women might be shocked by them. Others may be curious. Or might think this is merely the start.

In order to read this section with the right state of mind, it is important to know who I am. Honesty and respect are key to me. But in the role of Vince, I am a chameleon who caters for all wishes.

I will talk to you during our love making. More so if it is our first time. It is important to me to know what you want and what it is you really enjoy. I get aroused to hear from you whether my interpretation of your subtle physical reactions is correct. To enjoy sex is just as much a thing of the mind than of the body – no matter how physical the sex may be, because, let me tell you, I don’t shy away from pure lustful sex.

I am fascinated by role play, dominance and submission: in a playful, erotic context, never vulgar, and always within pre-set boundaries. You and I, two consenting adults, in a safe frame work. I like to explore and I know what I want. You do too, otherwise you would not be reading this right now.

In short: the more you dare to open up, the more passionate our encounter will be.

And never forget: there is nothing to be afraid of. I always play safe, and discretion is a must.

When we go for a kinkier date, the proper clothing will tickle our senses even more. Subtle (gloves, stockings, high heels…) or more explicit accessories (blindfolds, leather, latex, hand cuffs…) can be highly erotic, without the slightest whiff of vulgarity. Consider it part of an extraordinary arousing ritual, like staying in a five star hotel.

Many women think this puts the woman down to the level of an object of lust or a slut. Yes, if you want to, you can be my prettiest little slut. But rest assured: I equally adore you for the woman you are.

If you prefer Soft: come here, my love, and let me take you in my arms.

Are you glued to your computer screen when you read Naughty? Then maybe those hand cuffs are just the thing for you ;-)


Maybe you feel like trying something different as a couple. A spiced-up meal, as a treat to eachother. I can join you for a hot night. I take care of her in a divine way, while he is watching. Or he joins in and we satisfy her doubly, together.

Desserts sweet

Quick date for instant desires
1 hour

Write me a description here

Male company with in depth conversation and advice on relational or sexual issues
2 hours

Write me a description here

International cuisine sweet

A night in Paris with a sensual visit to your Sacré Coeur

Paris is not called the capital of romance for nothing. Strolling hand in hand through its narrow streets, drinking wine in dim bars, eating in intimate restaurants, enjoying some shopping…to end with a private sensual visit of your very own cathedral by the experienced guide Vince.

Titillating late night adventure along the Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam is a city of the world. Crowded, narrow, intimate streets crossed by romantic canals. International cuisine, cool shopping. Small and cosy hotels in which we can deeply explore each other’s culture…

Weekend in Londen with erotic heights on the Tower Bridge and shopping at Harrod’s

London, city of light, capital of an empire, never sleeps. Intense activity, tradition and modernity, London is one of the liveliest cities in the world. We walk, talk, shop, wine and dine…and then get some rest in our hotel…or did you have something else in mind?

Your naughtiest pass time at the destination of your choice…

Maybe you have a dream destination, which you’d only like to share with someone who would totally be dedicated to you…surprise me, I like travelling, and I can do it fast, at economic wages…I am very curious about your proposal.




An appointment can take place from € 150 onwards. Each additional hour comes at € 100 (base rate). Please consider the distance and obviously the (possible) costs of the location where we meet. We can find an agreement for longer and frequent  dates together.


Available internationally

I'm available in Belgium or internationally. You can contact me by mobile phone or e-mail. I will answer you as quickly as possible.

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