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To make you feel like a natural woman again…

6.10 am. The alarm clock doesn’t wake you, as it is Sunday and you think of escort boy europe. But your biological clock does. Your tired head makes you envy the man on your side who is still in a deep sleep. Of course you love him, more and more after all those years. But once and again your mind is carried back to the time when everything was still new and exciting.

One day you find my website after having typed ‘escort boy Europe’ in Google. You can hardly believe that it can really be so easy. But it is, once you have cut the knot in your mind.

Your look expresses satisfaction and a new desire when you are lying under me, enjoying what we have had together. “You’re not an Escort Boy, you say drunk with happiness.

You don’t feel guilty or worried when you are driving home after our first date, because you know that you are the one in control of this situation. You smile when you turn on the radio and hear the last notes of Europe’s ‘Final Countdown’ before Aretha Franklin starts singing “You make me feel like a natural woman”. In the rear-view mirror you can see that they have finally come back, the lively sparkles in your eyes…

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