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Married to my first love, a good career, it continued to gnaw

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My experience with Vince ….

I doubted for a long, long time. I have a good marriage, three lovely children, a good career, married with my first love. And yet it continued to gnaw. 

Intimately I missed the excitement and passion.  I wanted to discover more, but my husband was clearly not open to it and how would it be to be intimate with another man. I remained curious and eventually I decided to look for it anyway. I ended up at Vince’s site.  I wondered how he knew exactly what I was looking for.  Finally, after another period of doubting if it was wise or not, I sent an email, and Straight male escort, Vince mailed back.  He sent me many sweet words and I was sold right away. This was the right man who could answer my desires and make me more experienced.

The day of our appointment finally arrived.  Vince could see that I was nervous and held me close in his arms to calm me.  His embrace was warm and reassuring.  We settled on his couch with a glass of wine and soon we began to kiss intently.  I have missed this for a long time.  When he asked to take me upstairs, I answered yes because I was eager for more.

And I got more, because before I knew it, I lay naked in his bed.  With his head between my legs he spoiled me as I have never experienced before.  He knew exactly where to find the right spots and brought me complete ecstasy.  We went on kissing.  I felt free.  I could let myself go completely and Vince did not mind.  He asked me if I had enjoyed it.  Caressing and kissing we enjoyed telling each other our intimate fantasies, which quickly rekindled the fire.

Vince asked me to trust him, blindfolded me and carefully secured my wrists to the bed.

There was a shiver through my body, a shiver of pure pleasure. This man knew exactly what I wanted. I do not know how long it took, but Vince brought me from peak to peak, after which I fell back to bed exhausted.  But he did not allow me much peace.  His strong arms lifted me on top of him and with his soft hands on my hips, he guided our rhythm.  The blindfold disappeared, and I saw that I was not the only one who was excited.  He also reached his climax, after which we came together in a silent, caressing and restful way. The evening ended with a wonderful massage for Vince. Because honestly, he certainly deserved it.

Dear Vince, as you said yourself, you have written a piece of history in my life. I will never forget this day and secretly I hope that we will see each other again, there is still a lot to discover.

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