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Sneaked out of a restaurant

You’re in a restaurant in town with your friends.
“Is that your mobile ringing”, the woman on the other side of the table curiously asks.

You have a look and find my sms with our secret message. Mmm, my favourite

escort boy Hilton, you think…

“Sorry ladies, I just have to pick something up from work, but I will be back in an hour”.

“Workaholic”, the lady on your right hand side says with a laugh, but you know better and hurry to the place where I await you in my familiar role of escort boy.

The massage you wanted, has to wait, as in our room in the Hilton you let me know without shame that you have other priorities today. The excitement that your enthusiasm awakes inside me, may be even stronger than yours.

When you are lying next to me afterwards with sweaty curiosity, you want the massage after all, followed by a repetition of our first game, but this time slowly and sweet.

“Unfortunately I have to go now, Vince”, you tell me with visible regret, before you take your diary out of your purse with a confident look on your face, eager to know when I am still free.

You put on your sunglasses when you enter the restaurant again, as you have a twinkle in your eyes that might betray your activities of the past hour. You wipe the smile off your face and try to look seriously. Otherwise your friends will all want to come and work where you do…

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