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Straight male escort gigolo in Las Vegas through New York

Straight male escort gigolo in Las Vegas through New York.

Flying through New York and Los Angeles, I, a straight male escort called Vince, was in Las Vegas some time ago..  Never before did I have the chance to visit the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’, but it had always been in the top 10 of my wish list. Thanks to the invitation from a lady overseas, my list got a little bit shorter. This lady asked me to fly over for a visit and I was eager to meet her.  I was also anxious to find out what mythic Vegas had to offer: gambling, shopping, fine dining and what else? Although relatively unfamiliar with casinos, I was ready for any possible surprise. Inserting that one-dollar coin in the right slot machine at the right time could have changed a few things around. It did not but the golden Vegas rule prevails, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”…

What a convenient local wisdom for a gigolo ;-)


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