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Are you visiting Brussels and looking for an Escort companion for women Brussels?

Escort companion for women Brussels b

Are you visiting Brussels and looking for an Escort companion for women Brussels?

As an Escort companion for women Brussels we can meet in Brussels to have a drink.

Or you can contact me for an erotic massage…

Do you want to read a REAL teaser from an Escort companion for women Brussels?

You can read here a little teaser

Honestly, I still can’t believe I contacted vince4ladies Why not just book a nice relaxing massage at a spa?  Because I wanted a little more than relaxing.  I wanted special attention, pampering … from a man.  What woman hasn’t had a professional massage from a man and fantasized just a bit that his hands might stray from the proper path and caress her body?  

Escort companion for women Brussels is how I found him (Escort companion for women Brussels).  His website was unlike the lurid and vulgar nature of so many of the other sites advertising a sensual or erotic massage.  It felt classy, comforting and genuine.  I could get a relaxing, sensual massage but I remained in control of the situation at all times.  Yes, it was possible to go further if I decided, but it was always my choice.   There was no hint of sleaziness, just a desire to meet my expectations, to bring me pleasure.  And, if I’m honest, I secretly liked the idea that it could go further if I wanted it to … even though I assured myself I simply wanted a massage with a bit of arousal, nothing more. 

I had given him my hotel address and room number.  I felt so nervous, and excited, waiting for him to arrive.  What would he think of my body? Would he like me?  What if he was nothing like his site?  What if I disliked him?  I tried to put my doubt out of my mind with a glass of wine as I waited. 

At precisely 8:00 p.m., there was a gentle knock at my door.  My hands trembled as I opened the door.  And there he was, Vince, exactly the man whose photos I examined so closely on my computer screen.  He smiled warmly as he greeted me and politely kissed my cheek as he stepped into the room.  Whatever lingering reservations I may have held quickly faded as we began to speak.  Vince was so warm and pleasant, talking so naturally with me.  I immediately felt at ease in his presence.  I admit that I also found him extremely attractive and liked the way he looked at me as we talked.  I excused myself to change into a bathing robe while he prepared.

Do not hesitate to contact him…  Escort companion for women Brussels.   Of course I bring some music with me . enjoy it and relax.

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Massage women Brussels Belgium

Massage Women Brussels Belgium

Massage women Brussels

A Massage for women Brussels can be the ideal way to get rid of all tensions and frustrations from your busy working day. Stress slips away, as you only have to think about yourself and enjoy, while retrieving your inner balance. Massage women Brussels Basically, massages are not of an erotic nature. Unless you prefer this sensual variant in order to give you sexual energy a new boost, to eliminate negative emotions, or simply… to enjoy even more. Massage for women Brussels

Tell me If you like that is use oil or a cream to have a massage for women in Brussels.

A Warm Shower Before is a Great Idea for a massage for women

“The relaxation effect of a warm shower on both the mind and the muscles will help you be less tense during the session, which will benefit you. Massage women Brussels

Be Strategic About Timing for a massage for women
Massage women Brussels.While there’s no perfect hour to schedule a massage, you still probably want to consider the timing of your appointment. To do this, think about what makes sense for you and your schedule.

Avoid Eating Right Before a massage for women in Brussels
Generally, a full meal right before you hit the spa is a no-go, as massage certainly stimulates digestion. “I would suggest eating lightly right before a massage, and having a meal a few hours prior,


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Brussels Gigolo in Belgium escort

Brussels Gigolo.. good to know

When you contact me in Brussels.It makes a world of difference when I don’t have to read a one-liner when you contact me. Questions such as ‘What are your rates? or “One date, how does that work exactly?”  My website provides extensive information about the various possibilities and should give you a clear picture of what to expect from a date.  I will (Brussels Gigolo ), of course, gladly answer specific questions that you may have based on your personal preferences but you should also tell me briefly and discreetly a little bit about yourself, especially where you are and where you may want us to meet. This facilitates my answering your specific questions and further allows me to provide you with a non-binding proposal.

If you’d rather call me but I am not readily available to answer,  then you should leave a message on asking me to call you back, specifying the most convenient time for you to receive my call.Brussels Gigolo

Vince, am I not too old? I just turned 52 and I’m not a businesswoman. Would you meet me?

Messages like this sometimes end up in my mailbox. Why? At the age of 52, you know more than ever what you really want as a woman.  You are in the prime of your life! So, lady, enjoy it and do not hesitate,;-)

Mutual care and respect, mentally and physically, is what makes the difference as far as I am concerned.

News from Vince,Brussels Gigolo

Why do I have a blog linked to my website and why does it show the countries to which I sometimes travel?

I enjoy life and I like simple things the most.Brussels Gigolo

Even cooking, eating a sandwich with cheese on the beach, drinking an expresso on a pleasant terrace in the heart of Ghent, … these are all things I incredibly enjoy doing. At home or on the move. But also because traveling has always been one of my passions, I gladly share new groundbreaking experiences in my blog.

Unlike what you might think, a nice trip for both of us may be within reach for everyone. Early reservations is the message when looking for affordable tickets.

Cologne and Paris are easily reached by Thalys. Thanks to the Eurostar, London is close by or can even be reached in less than an hour by airplane. A flight to Geneva or Zurich can bring us together rather rapidly and at reasonable cost so that we can attain considerable heights.

We can meet at my place (incidentally very close to a train station and the airport) or on the other side of our globe. As you can see, lady, distance is all relative. I can come as close as you want me to be. Just let me know where you want us to meet me and we can both look at the most affordable and comfortable arrangement.

Websites often show ‘guestbooks’ or ‘reviews” with all kinds of reactions and you may wonder at times if these are based on true stories.  I hesitated for a long time before including a “guestbook” in my blog.  But after a date with a lady I am sometimes spontaneously asked the question if she can post a comment someplace because she wants to share her experience with other women or because writing about it works as a therapy for her. Or when a lady demonstrates that she has an inspring writing style in her e-mail messages, I do ask her if she would like to write some type of testimony for my site.

The teasers and stories are real, only the authors’ identities are not disclosed.

The following are a few spontaneous reactions received from ladies for posting on the website. Anyone who would like to share a personal story about a date that we may have had in the past may certainly send me her story. So let’s go. Feel free;-)


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