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Fantasy Gigolo, Dreaming of a Gigolo Fantasy

Fantasy gigolo 

For more than a year I had this fantasy I really wanted to come true. Sometimes the drudgery of everyday life distracted me enough not to think about it too much, but then at times it seemed as if my entire brain and every cell of my body were dominated by thoughts of this deep desire. One day I summoned all my courage and told my husband about it. He smiled uneasily and said “I’m glad you told me”. But he left it at that, because he did not really feel like living this sexual fantasy with me. Fantasy gigolo
I did not dare to mention it to him again. He had had his say and I had to accept that. I buried my fantasy and went on with my life. I managed pretty well when I was awake. Or at least for a while. But when I was sleeping, my dreams were invariably haunted by exciting and daring sensual images and I would wake up feeling sweaty and agitated. I couldn’t let it go.

Dreaming of a Gigolo Fantasy

I badly wanted to talk to someone about it. But my husband’s reaction had made me feel insecure. And who could I talk to about this anyway? Maybe my girlfriends would be a little bit shocked also. Moreover, they could not help me to turn my fantasy into reality anyway. I was alone in this. Alone with my feelings of lust and my imagination. Fantasy gigolo.

Looking for a Fantasy Gigolo

I started a new search. This time on Internet. I was looking for kindred spirits, inspiration, possibilities, or … What exactly? I did not really know. All I knew was that I wanted to find something. I came across the most disgusting things, and more than once I wanted to forget all about fulfilling my desire. Because the world I was venturing into, was very far from what I was really after. There was one website that had caught my eye, and I kept on returning to it. Vince. Vince. Vince. His classy story did not have a trace of the vulgarity that I found on so many other sites. He seemed so attractive, so masculine, so sensitive. Gradually it was he who started to take the role of antagonist in my dreams. Maybe he could help me realize this fantasy of mine? Fantasy gigolo

Meeting a gigolo Fantasy

“Thanks”, his spontaneous voice said when I first called him up. “Thank you for the candor in your email. I love your sense of imagination.”
“Really?” I asked hesitantly. I had not dared to hope for such a positive reaction. And hope turned into reality. Vince made me a few proposals and we mailed back and forth about practicalities. I sent him a picture of me, feeling anxious and excited at the same time. “Just a little taste of things to come …” I wrote. His reaction was enthusiastic and that gave me courage. I was going wild at the thought that my dream would turn into reality. Because it almost seemed that it was all about this in my life these days.

I was so nervous when I was finally going to do it. But I was well-prepared and dressed to the nines. That included skintone stay-ups I had bought the previous day in my favorite lingerie shop. My heart was beating a lot faster than normal when I drove off in my car and left my ordinary life behind.

When I returned, people and things looked exactly the same as when I left. As if nothing had happened. But something DID happen, and not just anything… With a well-satisfied smile on my face, I sent Vince a text message. “I actually have another fantasy I would like to come true. Probably not tomorrow, because I need to recover from this unforgettable adventure. But if it is OK for you, you’ll hear from me again soon …”

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