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Gigolo Amsterdam Erotic Story

Gigolo Amsterdam straight male escort Netherlands

Gigolo Amsterdam straight Male Escort Netherlands

“Would you like my company?” Your voice is low and inviting. Gigolo Amsterdam straight Male Escort Netherlands

My body screams the answer, but my mind wrestles with my reservations, my conscience, my fear. Despite our remote conversations over the last few weeks, I have only just met this man, he is still a stranger to me.

And yet, though he has not even touched me, I am drawn to him … suddenly ready to go wherever he wishes to take me and explore all that is hidden inside me. Am I willing to come to this point and walk away? To deny the longing inside me and return to being disregarded, hiding my loneliness, caging and silencing these unfulfilled desires … desires I’ve shared so easily with this man now seated across from me? Gigolo Amsterdam straight Male Escort Netherlands

Male Escort Netherlands

I finally look up. I do not have to say anything; the answer is burning in my eyes. You smile. “Good.”

We make our way to your car, exchanging seductive glances as you open my door and I start to climb inside. But you suddenly bring me into your arms, your mouth upon mine in a kiss we’ve both been aching for all evening. I relax in your embrace and return the kiss with vigor. We break, breathless. “Get in the car.” I laugh and happily do as I’m told.

But once we are alone in the car and pull away from the restaurant, I am so acutely aware of your presence that the need to touch you is overwhelming. I reach out and run my fingertips softly along the smooth warm skin of your hand on the wheel.

Gigolo in Amsterdam

You tilt your head toward me with a cocked eyebrow and a fals reprimand for distracting you from the road. Which only encourages my teasing. I lean further, pressing my chest into your shoulder. As my lips make their way up your neck. with soft kisses, my tongue just grazing your skin. At the same pace that my hand travels up your thigh, until my palm firmly rubs your groin just as my mouth tugs gently at your earlobe.

I cannot wait to reach the hotel, I want to let this flame ignite and burn freely . . . now. I whisper in your ear, “ Now I want you to make love to me . . . right now.” The need and urgency in my voice are unmistakeable.

I continue to kiss your neck softly because i like it.

Some places in Amsterdam: Hotel Amsterdam Hilton

In the Netherlands, to Amsterdam , I can come by car, it is only 2.30 hours driving for me

Gigolo Amsterdam straight male escort Netherlands

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Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe.

gigolo europe

Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe.

My Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe. is coming. At a quick pace I walk to the first floor, where I look out of the window and see my gigolo Europe car parked further along the road…

At the exact spot where I had asked him to park for reasons of discretion. I can see my Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe. come and so I hurry myself to the front door, while he does the same, but on the outer side of my house. When the distinction between outer and inner side has disappeared by his arrival, his Hugo-perfume fills the hallway and the corridor. And then I remember that three weeks is too long to be separated from my gigolo Europe. It is raining, but I do not mind. I even think it cozy, for this weather marks the frontiers of our cocoon in which we hide ourselves from the outer world.

Straight male escort Europe

“You look good”, my gigolo Europe says, right before I was going to say the same to my gigolo Europe
“Why do I look good?” he then proceeds, tirelessly fishing for compliments that he can elicit from my lips like no other man can.
I start to laugh loudly and think it hilarious how my gigolo manages to do that time and again. He is so disarming with his boyish look, that naughty trait around his mouth, and his divine body that feels so intensely male and surprises me every time. Is it the fading of my memory after twenty-one days. Or is he really exceptionally sweet today? It has to be the first option, for I have never known him in any other way. But still. In his courteous, considerate and unselfish way he lets the evening slide in a glow that makes me doubt the reliability of my memory one day later.

Gigolo Europe

My Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe. and I have dinner at my table of rest and sensual delight. With a voluptuous dance on Paul Simon’s Graceland as an intermezzo. I love to see him eat, oh, how I love to see him eat. For he does it like he makes love, with a curious openness that lets him fully taste every delightful sensation. And a seductive greediness that is disarming because it is colored perfectly by unselfishness and a nearly childish looking delight. We dance, wildly and sweating as if we are seventeen again. Dance is passion, seduction, eroticism and pure sex. Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe. Definitely with him. I like his ‘moves’ and the lascivious expressions of his body. One hour later I am lying in his arms on my king-size bed, while he treats my skin to surprising kisses. I cannot get enough from the look of his solid, naked male body on the rumpled sheets. His skin has a tan. It feels warm and soft, with underneath the muscles that remember me of the fact that his body is so much more powerful than mine, a thought that I find extremely exciting. Gigolo Europe a straight male escort in Europe.

It is already late when we say goodbye in the kitchen at half past twelve. Like children we are eating chocolate ice cream with little spoons, straight from the box that has been taken out of the freezer during our nightly escapade especially for this purpose. He moves closer and pulls my head towards him. The kiss of his warm and full lips tastes like chocolate. His hand is in my neck. His tongue is pushing itself inside, where it leaves a small chunk of chocolate ice behind in my surprised little mouth. The outer side of the ice cream chunk has become smooth and nearly liquid by the warmth of his mouth. The inner side is still waiting cold an frozen for my warm, licking, sucking and tasting tongue that caresses the ice, pulls it deeper inside, to push it back again toward the lips, that move the chunk back inside, where it melts to a warm and liquid substance that is swallowed with a devilish desire. The entire ritual is repeated once more with a second chunk of ice cream that is pushed inside just as sensually by the erotic force of his firmly exploring tongue.

I have always loved kissing, but could never suspect that a man could have shared this love with so much taste.
I stay awake in my still warm and sweet-smelling bed until he arrives at his place after his visit to my house. His kiss goodnight in the sms I receive still tastes like ice cream.

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Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands… my blind date with Vince

gigolo escort Breda

Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands… my blind date 

“I did something I never thought I would do. My ‘gigolo Breda’ (The Netherlands) and me. On a cold wintry Friday”.

This story is written by T., a Dutch lady I dated. She spontaneously decided to write about the way she experienced our first date.

It’s Friday. That’s the first thing that crosses my mind when I wake up in the morning. I crawl a bit deeper under the warm blankets, enjoying the thought that it’s my day off. I feel something important is going to happen today… something exciting. A slight tension runs through my body. Today is the day I’m going to meet Vince for the first time. Vince…..the name of the man who has been haunting my thoughts and dreams over the past month.Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands

Straight male escort Breda

Is it a coincidence or maybe destiny that Vince came into my life? On a given day I came across his website and I was mesmerized by the way his eyes stared at me from the screen. From that moment on I repeatedly stopped by his site, curiously reading about everything he had to tell me. His words and mysterious appearance were challenging me to contact him. Eventually, I gave in to the temptation and decided to write him an e-mail in which I told him about me, my life and my fantasies. I wasn’t sure yet if I would actually have the courage to plan a date with him and I honestly told him about my doubts and fears. Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands
With anticipation I looked forward to his reply.

After waiting for over a day, his name appeared in my inbox. I felt my heartbeat accelerate while I opened his e-mail. His answer turned out to be very sweet and endearing which triggered my fantasies even more… Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands

Gigolo Netherlands

After his reply we decided to contact each other on the phone. We had a long talk and I could definitely tell we had a strong connection. I enjoyed his Flemish charm and couldn’t wait to meet him; all my doubts had disappeared.
I was ready to plan a date and we picked a Friday in February. It was really going to happen. Gigolo escort Breda, The Netherlands

While I’m getting ready for the day I’m thinking of my contact with Vince and the effect he has on me. It’s special to have such intense feelings for a man I have never met before.
With my packed suitcase I’m walking to my car. It’s a beautiful day; although the temperature is well below zero, the sun is shining in the middle of a clear blue sky. For a moment I stop and close my eyes while I face the sun, letting the warmth caress my body.
I realize that my journey to an exciting adventure is about to begin.
Relaxed and without any rush I’m travelling to the south. I enjoy the ride while I listen to the radio. Knowing my date with Vince is getting closer, I suddenly start to feel insecure. What if we don’t like each other as much as expected? Firmly I set aside my doubts and turn up the volume of the radio to distract myself from my thoughts.

Faster than expected I arrive at the hotel where Vince and I have agreed to meet. In the hotel room I feel restless so I already start to unpack my clothes for the evening. Trying to feel more relaxed I take a long hot shower and dream away on the things to come. I take my time to get dressed and for my date with Vince I choose a black dress with a subtle color print.  Underneath it I wear black stockings and boots. Softly I touch my legs and feel the smooth fabric, wondering what Vince will think of me in this outfit.

A text message on my phone lets me know that Vince has arrived and is waiting for me in the lobby. With a last look in the mirror I nervously walk to the elevator. It feels like half an hour before I reach the ground floor. Just a few more seconds and then….
Our eyes meet for the first time and I recognize him immediately. He greets me with three kisses. I can tell we are both nervous. While I walk in front of him towards the hotel bar, I feel his eyes burning on my back.

We pick a quiet table and order two glasses of white wine. Here we are…. We smile a bit insecure at each other, but soon the conversation gets going. We ask and tell a lot about ourselves and our lives and in the meantime the game of flirtation is being played. To tease him, I make sure he has a clear view on my legs. When I change position on my seat, I notice that he didn’t miss the sight of my stockings and boots. The sexual tension between us is growing; we both feel it. After a second drink Vince proposes to go to the hotel room in order to have some privacy. I have a good feeling about it and I decide to go with him.

As soon as the door closes behind us, Vince takes me in his arms for a wonderful embrace. I smell his delicate perfume and with my hands I start to discover his body. Our embrace turns into a thrilling and passionate kiss. My arousal is increasing rapidly when Vince takes off my dress, throws it on the floor and pulls me with him on the bed. His hands and mouth create a burning sensation on my breasts, stomach and further down at the hottest and most intimate part of my body. I lose myself in a storm of ecstasy. When I’m on top of Vince, he asks me to keep my stockings and boots in place; it turns him on. Our lovemaking becomes wild and eager, longing for liberation. Within moments I reach an orgasm. Completely satisfied and exhausted I’m lying in Vince’s arms, cherishing his warm skin against mine.
As soon as I’m back on earth again, he suggests to give me a massage. Next to the bed a massage candle is burning. The wax is being transformed into massage oil. Vince slides the oil on my back which startles me and creates a sigh of delight on my lips. Silently I enjoy his hands working their magic; first on my back and after that on my breasts and stomach. We both get turned on again and within seconds we are back at passionate lovemaking. Vince reaches an intense orgasm. In his arms I’m looking back at an unforgettable evening.

My night with Vince was the first of many more to come.



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Straight gigolo Amsterdam Netherlands escort

amsterdam Gigolo Netherlands Boot

Straight gigolo Amsterdam 

“Already leaving?”, your colleague asks ( you think of gigolo Amsterdam) when you walk out of the office at half past four that day. “Have fun with your date this evening. By the way, who is the lucky one?” But of course you wouldn’t dare to tell them that you are the lucky one yourself because for once in your life you had the courage to type the words ‘Straight gigolo Amsterdam’ in your browser… “Are you going out to dinner in Amsterdam?”, she asks. ‘Yes, or to a wellness-centre’, you think, ‘a luxurious hotel or to my gigolo’s stylish loft, where he will cook for me before giving me a sensual massage that will end in a steamy-window-scene for adults only…’ “Do you have a picture of him?” Straight gigolo Amsterdam “I’m sorry, I don’t…” you reply, whilst thinking: ‘The photographs of my gigolo  are on his website, but you will have to find that yourself ;-)’ You take your handbag and leave your colleagues with a big smile and walk to your gigolo Amsterdam. Straight gigolo Amsterdam

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