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Metro date London

Male companion London

Male companion London Metro date London Part 2:

Vince, male companion London and her, paused and kissed tenderly as the train jolted to a stop at the next station.  A gentleman boarded and inexplicably, sat down across from them, giving them a friendly smile.  Vince looked at her with a questioning expression . . . what do we do?  Again, the mischief flashed in her eyes as she leaned in to kiss him.  He whispered playfully in her ear, “You are incorrigible.”  

The man in the metro in Londen:

tried to act unaware of them, but Vince saw him stealing glances at her, watching her subtle movements atop him.  Vince held the man’s gaze when he glanced their way again.  The man watched as Vince moved his hand up along her thigh.  She grabbed his wrist to stop him.  “Vince, he will see!” she whispered.  With his eyes still on the man, Vince said to her, “He likes watching you.”  She lowered her eyes and glanced nervously over at the man.  He was indeed watching her, watching them, silently.  She was unsure how she felt.  It excited her on some level, to be watched in this way by a stranger.  “Let him watch you.  Enjoy it, my dear.”  Vince’s sultry voice melted her inhibition.  In his arms, she felt safe and free.  She slowly let go of his wrist and his hand disappeared under her dress.

Vince, male companion London and her continued to make love

as Vince caressed her with his fingers.  She could feel the man’s eyes upon her as her body moved in response to the overwhelming pleasure of having Vince inside her and his fingers stroking her.  Vince found her sweetest spot, swollen with hunger for his touch, and rubbed it vigorously as he kissed her neck.  Her legs began to shake as she felt the orgasm building.  “Vince” ,Male companion London ,she whispered breathlessly, “you must stop . . .” But Vince did not, he wanted her to live this experience fully.  And his own climax was building as he felt her contractions against his cock, buried so deep and tight within her . . . every movement she made was amplified against him and it was amazing.

Vince, Male companion London ,continued his assault upon her,

rubbing faster and more vigorously as she tried to restrain her moans and control her hips from moving too noticeably.  They were lost to the man watching them now, immersed completely in one another and the passionate intensity locking them together as they ascended toward their climax.  Vince felt her body arch and stiffen against him, her legs trembling underneath her skirt as the muscles tightened and the orgasm rocked her body.  He could feel each wave wash over her so intensely like this, her muscles tightening around him like a vice each time, throbbing and releasing . . .  Vince felt her release run warm over his fingers and soak his trousers . . .  it was all he could take and he groaned into her shoulder as his own release pumped through him and melted into her.  

Vince, male companion London and her rested against one

another for several moments before they realized the man was gone.  When he had left, they did not know.  They laughed as they looked around the car and wondered if any of the other few passengers had noticed them.  It did not matter.  Vince wrapped his arms around her and held her close against him in his lap.  She nestled her head against his chest, feeling warm and safe in his embrace.

Male companion London

gigolo-london-metro-date Part 1


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straight male escort women London: “Naughty words “

Straight male escort women London

Naughty words To Vince from London

My perfumes lingers in the air as you pass though the doorway and enter the room.  I am seated across the room, my back to you.  You cross the room casually, quietly removing your jacket and hanging it on the desk chair.  You approach and walk a full circle around me, observing my black satin robe, stockings and stilettos … the rest is hidden.  I have not moved, but as you stop in front me, you can see my breath has quickened.  You whisper in a low, seductive voice, “Look at me.” straight male escort  women London,

Naughty words to a straight male escort for women London.

I raise my head slightly and lift my eyes to you.  You smile and run your palm around the curve of my cheek, under my chin, tilting my face up toward you as your thumb outlines my lips, gently pulling on my bottom lip.  “Have you been a good girl while you waited for me?”

I nod just slightly and whisper, “yes.”   You smirk as you suddenly jerk my chin upward  until my long curls fall away from my face, making me gasp.  You lower your face to within inches of mine, teasing me with your hot breath grazing my lips.  “Yes what, my dear?”

I gaze directly back into your eyes, dark with lust, my lips curling into a wicked smile.  straight male escort for women London,

“Yes, sir.”

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If you want to meet me in London you can find more info here.

Naughty words To gigolo Vince in London


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Gigolo Escort Frankfurt Germany

Gigolo Mannelijke escort

Gigolo escort Frankfurt,

Because he is here quite often in Frankfurt, every time well-dressed in a suit or jeans that gives away just enough of his anatomic details to make me lose my concentration again. When I saw him for the first time, I was secretly hoping that he would lose his luggage so that he would have to present himself at my desk in order to have his declaration of lost goods registered. Then I would have been able to study him at close quarters, while his eyes would have been focused on the form that needed to be filled out. Gigolo Escort Frankfurt

Nevertheless his luggage did not get lost. In fact, the only thing that got lost was my shame. And so I did get to see him, not during the registry of forms, but just as close, and even much closer than that. Gigolo Escort Frankfurt

When I observed him in the departure hall one day with his trolley in his right hand and his mobile phone in his left, I saw a lady in her mid-forties walking into his direction. He noticed her and smiled. At that very moment I excused myself in front of the client at my desk and walked to the toilets, with a gigantic detour that led me past him. I made sure I reached the spot where he stood exactly at the moment when the lady joined him. And so I heard that his name was Vince.

Google did the rest. I have always had well-developed detective skills, and so I managed to find him in no time. Gigolo Vince4ladies that was the name of the Frankfurt gigolo who was entirely unaware of the way he spiced the happiest of my working days with his sensual presence. Gigolo Escort Frankfurt

Escort for women in Frankfurt

Until that day when I was not sitting at my desk, but found myself actually being the woman who confidently entered the departure hall. I knew his airport smiles well enough, but this smile was intended especially for me that was clearly visible in his serious, grey-blue eyes in which the twinkles betrayed more than a thousand naughty thoughts. It was wonderfully forbidden what I did that day. …. I will never be able to think about Frankfurt again without feeling the tingle of my fingers when touching his warm and smooth chest.

We saw little of the city, but more of the room. Sheets became sweaty and disordered before he soaped me with softness and some jasmine-smelling foam in the shower. In between our intimate moments we tried out room service, exactly like in the movies. On the second day we left our room for a couple of hours, so that for the first time in my life I could make Frankfurt city unsafe at the side of my personal style coach. For a man he knew surprisingly well which clothes I needed to express my personality. I was another person, from the inside and the outside, when I flew back to Frankfurt with my gigolo.

When I see him again today, with his trolley and his mobile phone, waiting for his travel companion of the weekend, I send him an sms: “Hey handsome, can I let your luggage disappear, so that I can be at your service for a change?… ;-) Your Frankfurt airport lady”.
Seven seconds later he turns around, immediately spots me with his hawk’s eye and winks, while he swiftly licks his upper lip in a subtle gesture.


I also like to visit Köln

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Brussels Gigolo in Belgium escort

Brussels Gigolo.. good to know

When you contact me in Brussels.It makes a world of difference when I don’t have to read a one-liner when you contact me. Questions such as ‘What are your rates? or “One date, how does that work exactly?”  My website provides extensive information about the various possibilities and should give you a clear picture of what to expect from a date.  I will (Brussels Gigolo ), of course, gladly answer specific questions that you may have based on your personal preferences but you should also tell me briefly and discreetly a little bit about yourself, especially where you are and where you may want us to meet. This facilitates my answering your specific questions and further allows me to provide you with a non-binding proposal.

If you’d rather call me but I am not readily available to answer,  then you should leave a message on asking me to call you back, specifying the most convenient time for you to receive my call.Brussels Gigolo

Vince, am I not too old? I just turned 52 and I’m not a businesswoman. Would you meet me?

Messages like this sometimes end up in my mailbox. Why? At the age of 52, you know more than ever what you really want as a woman.  You are in the prime of your life! So, lady, enjoy it and do not hesitate,;-)

Mutual care and respect, mentally and physically, is what makes the difference as far as I am concerned.

News from Vince,Brussels Gigolo

Why do I have a blog linked to my website and why does it show the countries to which I sometimes travel?

I enjoy life and I like simple things the most.Brussels Gigolo

Even cooking, eating a sandwich with cheese on the beach, drinking an expresso on a pleasant terrace in the heart of Ghent, … these are all things I incredibly enjoy doing. At home or on the move. But also because traveling has always been one of my passions, I gladly share new groundbreaking experiences in my blog.

Unlike what you might think, a nice trip for both of us may be within reach for everyone. Early reservations is the message when looking for affordable tickets.

Cologne and Paris are easily reached by Thalys. Thanks to the Eurostar, London is close by or can even be reached in less than an hour by airplane. A flight to Geneva or Zurich can bring us together rather rapidly and at reasonable cost so that we can attain considerable heights.

We can meet at my place (incidentally very close to a train station and the airport) or on the other side of our globe. As you can see, lady, distance is all relative. I can come as close as you want me to be. Just let me know where you want us to meet me and we can both look at the most affordable and comfortable arrangement.

Websites often show ‘guestbooks’ or ‘reviews” with all kinds of reactions and you may wonder at times if these are based on true stories.  I hesitated for a long time before including a “guestbook” in my blog.  But after a date with a lady I am sometimes spontaneously asked the question if she can post a comment someplace because she wants to share her experience with other women or because writing about it works as a therapy for her. Or when a lady demonstrates that she has an inspring writing style in her e-mail messages, I do ask her if she would like to write some type of testimony for my site.

The teasers and stories are real, only the authors’ identities are not disclosed.

The following are a few spontaneous reactions received from ladies for posting on the website. Anyone who would like to share a personal story about a date that we may have had in the past may certainly send me her story. So let’s go. Feel free;-)


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My meeting in Ghent with Gigolo Vince

gigolo gent Oost Vlaanderen

That day in Ghent, East Flanders, I am thinking that it is the first time that I am undertaking something for myself, no matter how trivial. I enjoy the workshop because it is interesting. But my wandering thoughts tell me that this is not enough. Oxygen runs through my head again. I feel my blood flow faster and my body awakening. The contrast between my crazy feeling and the gloom of my daily life could not be greater. Because the reality of the chilled steady relationship in which I am stranded is undeniable. The love for the ‘kids’ is the only thing that precludes the relationship with my husband to come to an absolute end.

But fortunately, I am well aware of it. I do realize in what kind of situation I ended up. Even better, I can see what inspires and excites me, and what makes me dream. And I know what I want to do. It’s groundbreaking, something beyond every possible taboo. What I really want is feel that I am bold enough to contact Gigolo Vince while I am in Ghent. As soon as I realize this, the mere thought of it utterly fascinates me. It is not just a dream and a fantasy, but it is also a vital step forward for me. If I dare doing this, why should I not be able to reconsider my entire life and knead it the way I want it to be?

Physical affection with a stranger, a handsome man. What woman would not go wild just at the thought of it? But yet this is not the only thing. I want to enjoy the company of a true gentleman who lets me rediscover myself. Therefore, I will become what I do, the result of a deliberate decision to consciously claim some quality time and boost up my diminished self-esteem.

This afternoon I have another date with the man who made ​​me go beyond my boundaries, Gigolo Vince. We have agreed to meet in a hotel in the center of Ghent.

I can hardly wait until the course is finished this week.  When it finally comes to an end, I leave the class bursting with confidence and it is with an exciting tickle in my belly that I precede to my next “appointment”.

When I knock at the door of the hotel room my heart beats faster.

The greeting could not have been more affectionate. People who do not know this can assert what they want, but Gigolo Vince is genuinely happy to see me.

I rapidly take care of the financial aspect to get it out of the way.  We have other, fierier things to concentrate on.

He gives me a firm hug. The kind that makes me feel loved and appreciated. The hug turns into a kiss and our mutual craving for more can no longer be hidden.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we are not in any rush. That we can leisurely order a delicious dinner from room service and that we can extensively and naturally catch up about everything that took place in our lives since our last date.

After our meal, I feel ‘mindfully connected’ with him when he thoughtfully suggests drawing the curtains and lighting some candles. Soon thereafter we end up on the large bed and we enjoy each other’s body. We caress, massage, rub, kiss, and touch to finally end up wonderfully intertwined and bonded…

This is life, I reflect, when I can fully enjoy things and can let go of all my worries.

I have energy again. And it is full of courage that I keep going, because life can indeed be ‘pure fun’.

And above all: my life is mine!

Thank you, Vince;-) Amber from Ostend

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