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French Night in Paris with a Gigolo

Paris by Night

As a gigolo, getting to the French capital Paris within a couple of hours is very important and the lady who wants to meet with a gigolo does not want to hear about long journeys and does not have eternal patience. Can you blame her? Didn’t think so.

Fortunately, thanks to the Thalys, the high speed, comfortable and yet reasonably priced train (if booked in advance), the journey to Paris takes an exact total of 2 hours from the time I close my front door in Belgium until I (as gigolo) stand in the heart of the French “City of Light”.

This sounds rather impossible, doesn’t it?  Especially if you know that in this short time span I have to get from my home to the train station; that the train ride between Brussels and Paris takes 1 hour and 25 minutes and that the lines for a taxi at the train station in Paris are longer than your patience will allow before our meeting materializes. And one cannot forget the habitual struggle in the dense Parisian traffic.

Fortunately, I found an ideal solution for the last leg of the trip, “Didier Transport” (motorcycle transportation of passengers). Didier is a great guy who offered to take me from the train station to my final destination in the city through compact traffic in no time.  I hesitated at first but once I was seated on the motorcycle, with my baggage securely fastened on the luggage rack, I found this a great means of transportation.  Whether a coincidence or not, Didier also shares my concern for hygiene and has you wash hands with a sanitizing lotion before donning the leather gloves, and makes you wear a sterile cap (like they have in hospitals) before wearing the helmet. From that day on, I always keep his business card in my wallet ;)

Do you feel like spending some premium time with a thoughtful man who will take care of you? Are you in Paris for business, a short visit, or do you live in Paris?  Remember, I am only two hours away from you. ;)


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