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Metro date London

Male companion London

Male companion London Metro date London Part 2:

Vince, male companion London and her, paused and kissed tenderly as the train jolted to a stop at the next station.  A gentleman boarded and inexplicably, sat down across from them, giving them a friendly smile.  Vince looked at her with a questioning expression . . . what do we do?  Again, the mischief flashed in her eyes as she leaned in to kiss him.  He whispered playfully in her ear, “You are incorrigible.”  

The man in the metro in Londen:

tried to act unaware of them, but Vince saw him stealing glances at her, watching her subtle movements atop him.  Vince held the man’s gaze when he glanced their way again.  The man watched as Vince moved his hand up along her thigh.  She grabbed his wrist to stop him.  “Vince, he will see!” she whispered.  With his eyes still on the man, Vince said to her, “He likes watching you.”  She lowered her eyes and glanced nervously over at the man.  He was indeed watching her, watching them, silently.  She was unsure how she felt.  It excited her on some level, to be watched in this way by a stranger.  “Let him watch you.  Enjoy it, my dear.”  Vince’s sultry voice melted her inhibition.  In his arms, she felt safe and free.  She slowly let go of his wrist and his hand disappeared under her dress.

Vince, male companion London and her continued to make love

as Vince caressed her with his fingers.  She could feel the man’s eyes upon her as her body moved in response to the overwhelming pleasure of having Vince inside her and his fingers stroking her.  Vince found her sweetest spot, swollen with hunger for his touch, and rubbed it vigorously as he kissed her neck.  Her legs began to shake as she felt the orgasm building.  “Vince” ,Male companion London ,she whispered breathlessly, “you must stop . . .” But Vince did not, he wanted her to live this experience fully.  And his own climax was building as he felt her contractions against his cock, buried so deep and tight within her . . . every movement she made was amplified against him and it was amazing.

Vince, Male companion London ,continued his assault upon her,

rubbing faster and more vigorously as she tried to restrain her moans and control her hips from moving too noticeably.  They were lost to the man watching them now, immersed completely in one another and the passionate intensity locking them together as they ascended toward their climax.  Vince felt her body arch and stiffen against him, her legs trembling underneath her skirt as the muscles tightened and the orgasm rocked her body.  He could feel each wave wash over her so intensely like this, her muscles tightening around him like a vice each time, throbbing and releasing . . .  Vince felt her release run warm over his fingers and soak his trousers . . .  it was all he could take and he groaned into her shoulder as his own release pumped through him and melted into her.  

Vince, male companion London and her rested against one

another for several moments before they realized the man was gone.  When he had left, they did not know.  They laughed as they looked around the car and wondered if any of the other few passengers had noticed them.  It did not matter.  Vince wrapped his arms around her and held her close against him in his lap.  She nestled her head against his chest, feeling warm and safe in his embrace.

Male companion London

gigolo-london-metro-date Part 1


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Gigolo London Metro date


Gigolo London Metro date : Part 1

Gigolo London: In London, The Metro was oddly uncrowded that evening as Gigolo London Vince stepped onto the car, but the lack of people was welcome and they took seats sitting across from one another.  He observed her as she gazed out the window, her blonde ringlets falling across her shoulder in a beautiful contrast to the deep red of her trench coat.  She sat cross-legged, her foot resting against his leg.  Feeling his gaze upon her, she turned to him and smiled.  Gigolo London, Vince liked her smile, the way it was both sweet and alluring at the same time . . . like her.  Her eyes twinkled a bit as he felt her run the heel of her stiletto along his calf slowly.  She liked playing little games and teasing him, waiting for him to overtake her and turn the game around on her.  He knew this . . . and liked it.  

In a Metro with gigolo London, Vince

Staring intently at her, Gigolo London, Vince reached out and ran his fingertips along the curve of her knee, just the slightest of touch, slow, small circles . . . extending his touch just barely upon her thigh and then back around again.  She drew in a breath as the chill ran through her.  He watched her face as her expression melted from playful to lustful.  Gigolo London, Vince smiled in victory, but then recognised the look of mischievousness that crept into her eyes, confirmed by the devious curl of her smile.  

Glancing around for a moment,

and then making sure he was watching, she quietly reached under her dress and removed her panties without saying a word.  He watched as she stealthily shifted in her seat, and then casually slipped the delicate garment over her knees, down her calves and off around her heels.  Smiling, she leaned forward, placing an innocent peck upon his cheek as she slipped the panties into his jacket pocket.  She then sat back and smiled expectantly at him.  It was Gigolo London, Vince his move now.

Gigolo London, Vince

Took her hand, pulling her slowly onto his lap, raising the back of her dress and coat so that her skin sat bare on his legs Gigolo London, Vince slid his hand quietly underneath the flap of her coat, her dress and up along her thigh until his fingers reached the warm wetness between her legs.  His lips met hers as he slipped two fingers inside of her.  His fingers slide easily in and out of her. Gigolo London, Vince loved how wet she was for him.  She moaned softly as he whispered in her ear, “I’m going to make love to you on this train.”  The grin on her face as she looked up at Gigolo London, Vince told him she had absolutely no objections.

There were still very few passengers and none near them as he adjusted in his seat, lifting her just slightly and they both groaned softly as he she sank slowly down upon him.  Her trench coat hid their risqué activity well.  The jostle of the train provided a natural rhythm as he pulled her hips against him and pushed deep up into her.  It was incredible, the moves so slow and deliberate.  She moved her hips in barely discernible circles against him, adjusting her pressure against him as she shifted from hip to hip.  Gigolo London, Vince closed his eyes at the intensity of the sensations.  

To be continued, this was: Gigolo London Metro date part 1

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straight male escort women London: “Naughty words “

Straight male escort women London

Naughty words To Vince from London

My perfumes lingers in the air as you pass though the doorway and enter the room.  I am seated across the room, my back to you.  You cross the room casually, quietly removing your jacket and hanging it on the desk chair.  You approach and walk a full circle around me, observing my black satin robe, stockings and stilettos … the rest is hidden.  I have not moved, but as you stop in front me, you can see my breath has quickened.  You whisper in a low, seductive voice, “Look at me.” straight male escort  women London,

Naughty words to a straight male escort for women London.

I raise my head slightly and lift my eyes to you.  You smile and run your palm around the curve of my cheek, under my chin, tilting my face up toward you as your thumb outlines my lips, gently pulling on my bottom lip.  “Have you been a good girl while you waited for me?”

I nod just slightly and whisper, “yes.”   You smirk as you suddenly jerk my chin upward  until my long curls fall away from my face, making me gasp.  You lower your face to within inches of mine, teasing me with your hot breath grazing my lips.  “Yes what, my dear?”

I gaze directly back into your eyes, dark with lust, my lips curling into a wicked smile.  straight male escort for women London,

“Yes, sir.”

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Naughty words To gigolo Vince in London


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London Straight male escort

Gigolo London

London Straight male escort

The easiest way for me is to travel from Brussels to London by the Eurostar: Brussels To London

Or by Plane from Brussels airport to London: Plane Brussels London

A nice hotel in London: 41 Hotel London

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Date a gigolo how it works? Gigolo first date

Gigolo date? how it works?  Gigolo first date How to date with a gigolo straight first time, I am nervous with a gigolo date for the first time. After all, who on earth can imagine a woman having a date with a (straight escort) gigolo for the first time?

I am not the adventurous type. I do have plenty of fantasies and sensual desires.

Life is quite cosy to me, with my daughter I am raising on my own. But I cannot deny that I sometimes have a hallucinating dream about an imaginary man. A man who may not stay imaginary for a long time…

But how ? What do I have to say to him? Will it be clear to everyone that what we have is not an ordinary blind date? And what if we do not match and I don’t feel like going any further?

I should not have worried about all that. Because he seems to be even more conscious than I am of all possible doubts a woman may have. We explicitly discuss this topic when the ice is broken. He knows how important the first impression during the first date with a gigolo is. That single moment, that single first second determines the rest of the evening. Also in my case that first time. I immediately feel that it’s okay. And I also feel that there is no obligation. If there is no ‘click’, then it stops here. It stops without me having to justify myself for anything at all, or even without having to feel embarrassed. I can tell by the way he treats me. Cautious, refined, with utmost respect and understanding. Every woman is unique, just like every man is unique. And individual preferences need not be discussed. “No hard feelings if you just want to stick to a drink”, that’s what he wrote in his e-mail. And that’s what his appearance tells me right now as well. My Date a gigolo  wears fresh Hugo-from-Hugo-Boss-, his disarming ways, his handsome looks and the gallant way in which he opens the door for me, say it all. First and foremost these impressions tell me that I will only have ‘hard feelings’ when after tonight I will realize that I should have done this much sooner.

“I think it’s great to be here with you. Everything is just a matter of perception. And of the right company!”

“Does it sometimes happen that there’s no ‘click’ and that the lady wants to stick to a drink or a dinner?” I ask him.

“That’s always possible. And it’s not a problem at all. There has to be a ‘click’ from both sides. I’m here for the lady and she decides what does or does not happen. There are no obligations whatsoever and the needs not be ashamed if she just wants to drink a glass of wine together. By the way, there are also women who are not looking for anything else. Just some company, but no sex.”.

He talks to me as if our lives have crossed in a natural way. Not a single person could suspect that I am sitting here with a gigolo. He’s just a guy whom I could have met in the city. A manwho fancies me. A gigolo who is courting me. A guy who does not expect a single thing from me, but who arouses more than thousend sensual expectations inside me.

I almost say it so fast that it becomes embarrassing. The “no!” that I shout when after a couple of hours in the trendy cafe he asks me if I prefer to go home, so that I may contact him later if I feel like it. “Or … if you don’t feel like being alone yet, we could still go somewhere else if you like. To have another drink or something”.

“Or something”… I don’t want to have a drink. I want the ‘or something’. He can tell by my shy smile and answers my naughty look with even naughtier eyes. With the elegance of a real gentleman he walks me outside.

“This is a cosy place to have a drink”, he says about the lobby of a nice hotel in the neighbourhood.

“Or … if you prefer to be alone for a while…”

“As a matter of fact I do”, I surprise myself with my boldness.

Everything goes in a surprisingly spontaneous way. As he stands by my side in the elevator that brings us to a higher floor. As the rooms opens its door for us. As he orders a glass of wine, fills my glass and starts kissing me gently. He is attentive to every signal from my side in order to know if he can go on or should stop. But everything inside me shouts ‘oooh yes…’. And so we go on and I forget that I have ever thought about possible reasons for hesitating about the question if a first date with a gigolo could possibly become a success in every possible way.

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